Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday 12.3: Skills, Snatch balance, T2b

Thursday. Skills, emom x 8min. Odd min 12 c2b, even min 12 pistols. Snatch complex, 1snatch balance + 2 ohs. Snatch complex, 3 snatch press + 3 ohs. Cashout, 100 t2b.

Today was mainly a skills / technique oriented training day. Nothing super heavy or tough, but getting better at my gymnastics, working on technique and mobility for the snatch, and then getting some accessory work done for core. I got the biggest kicks of the day when Pauliina hit a PR in back squat =)


  • Every minute on the minute, for 8 minutes
  • Odd min, 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Even min, 12 pistol squats
So this was surprisingly tough in the last 2 sets of c2b's. Okay, let's be honest, all my emom c2b's have been smaller rep sets before this one so it was kind of cool to hit unbroken sets of 12 reps. Only the last set had to be broken down but the first 3 of them went perfectly. Felt very good about those! These skills / gymnastics emom workouts to kick things on in the beginning of the training sessions are great way to break a sweat, get the body warm and fully awake for the work load ahead.

Pistol squats are funny. It was once again witnessed that for my left leg they are easy but right leg ones are challenging. The difference is quite big. Must be the influence of my previous sports career as a goal keeper in floorball. On the first round I did them alternating, and then the rest of the sets I went 6 left - 6 right. That's because I wanted to focus on linking multiple reps with right leg.

Snatch complex.
  • 1 snatch balance + 2 overhead squat
  • Weights 50, 55, 60, 65, 70kg
This one was on my mind in addition to the skills part when I entered the gym. I wanted to build up to a heavy set on this combo. It was no surprise that overhead squats were lighter than snatch balances. On lighter loads I'm able to drop under the bar with speed. Warm-up weights were 20, 30 & 40kg. If I would drop as fast as in those lights it would be freaking awesome. At times I was afraid how quickly I got there haha =)

No but really, there was a difference. The heavier the barbell got, the slower the snatch balance turned out to be. In the beginning I had my feet in the air for a while whereas in the heavier complexes my feet stayed in the ground the entire time and I had breaks on a little. The last one was the slowest on the way down. I probably came up faster than went down.

Snatch complex.
  • 3 snatch grip push press + 3 overhead squat
  • Weights 40, 45, 50, 55, 60kg
This section was not planned beforehand. Pauliina did her squats and I just did some extra work with the bar between her sets. This wasn't heavy at all, the main point was practicing bar paths on both the press and squat. Extending my hips fully in the press and locking out elbows for a stable and solid overhead position.

Then again, keeping it on the heels on overhead squats and hitting it low. I stayed in the bottom position for 2-3 seconds after the last ohs in each set. To sit in the deepest position frequently will definitely increase mobility. And that's exactly my weak point in this movement even though it's gone forward a lot.

  • 100 toes-to-bar
Okay, that was about it. It was time to cool down. I thought about knocking some t2b's just for fun. I took 20 reps at first, then 15 reps, and the rest were 10's and 5's in the end. Once I jumped on the pull-up bar the thought was to complete 50 reps but then again, it felt so good to link those reps together that I decided to go to 75, and finally it changed to 100 reps. I'll take it! My abs were nearly cramping at times at about 70-80 reps but after a little stretching it was all good.

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