Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday 21.3: Rope climbs

Saturday. Skills, rope climbs

It surely was an awesome party yesterday evening with a bunch of colleagues. All 400 of them. It went late and I got to sleep at 4am. Even though I was enjoying water all night (okay one glass of red wine) it affected the body because of the quality of sleep. I slept late, ate a huge breakfast, watched couple of crossfit videos and went to have a nap.

Saturday night set up

This day was perfect for a rest day or at least active recovery. But just sitting on the couch watching TV makes a human lazy so I went outdoors to search for an opportunity to get to play with my rope I just got in my hands. It turned out the same place where I can do ring muscle-ups is ideal for rope climbs too.

I hung the rope there on the stairs and worked on this specific skill. Not a metcon, not a workout, just having fun and getting used to this stuff. It was sick, I love this! My fingers got a little numb on the climbs.

There is definitely lots to improve on my technique so that it gets more effective and doesn't consume me that much every rep. I reckon it might be a great workout to have a bunch of rope climbs (10-20?) for time. Or then combine it with either running, wall balls or kettlebell swings. These are elements that I can easily mix with this one.

Actually the only time there's been rope climbs in my workouts was when we hit a partner wod together with Toni some time ago, earlier this year at the Box where he practices all the time. That time it felt like I had the ropes within me, today those felt much harder.

By the way, the Crossfit Open 15.4 was released Friday morning Finnish time, and it looked like a great wod. Heavy power cleans and handstand push-ups. I'm happy Tommy Marquez pointed out Dan Bailey's superhuman hspu abilities, I'm expecting him to show big numbers on this one!

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