Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday 28.3: Rope climb, Wall ball, Wall climb

Saturday. Rope climbs, wall ball shots, wall climbs.

The big day is getting closer as we're getting married this summer. Today we slept late, ate huge breakfast and headed downtown to get some stuff purchased regarding the wedding. So it was much later in the evening when I went to the cellar to check out what kind of tools there are to improve fitness. I found a rope and wall ball, then went outdoors to play around.

Rope climbs. These rope climbs are the real deal! They are extremely taxing. There's something that makes it very challenging. It's difficult to say where it feels the most. It's not the legs, it's not the shoulders, it's not core, it's not grip, it's not breathing. It is the combination of all the above mentioned.

That's no joke. At least at this stage of my rope climbing skills, it feels like it is very all around element of fitness. Every single rep is challenging and I need to have a break between reps before jumping back at it. After getting back down it is kind of overall fatigue that comes to my mind.

People talk about different wrap styles. I'm not a specialist in this so I'm walking on a shallow ice right now but I believe those are called Spanish and Russian wraps. Spanish being the most secure where you wrap your legs around the rope and create the most friction there can be. Thus, it's the most safe one.

Whereas the Russian wrap is much quicker but on the other hand it's as secure. There you can move longer distance with one pull. Basically it feels like it's gonna be the future for me too. Not at this moment yet though. Earlier in Crossfit Games people used to have a proper wrap but nowadays it's totally on the Russian style simply because it it quicker way to get up and down.

Wall balls. These were just for fun. Wanted to throw the ball for some time. Main focus: full range of motion and smooth movement both up and down. Hit the bottom and extend properly. I have no chance to mark the rx'd hight of the wb shots but I make sure they go beyond 3 meters. This building is the same where I usually do my wall ball metcons. The target is just on another wall, around the corner.

Wall climbs. This movement is actually pretty awesome. I jump on the wall but there is also the pulling motion included. In a similar way as in muscle-ups. This one is also a full body movement. When done multiple consecutive reps, they put the breathing high and start burning upper body.

The Open. The Crossfit Open 2015 is pretty much over. At least all Live Open Announcements have taken place but people still have their chance to up their game and improve results on the last event. Gotta say these seemed to be much harder workouts than before. Each and every wod looked tough as nails.

I give respect to Dave Castro for making them events that require skills in a way different level than before. There were muscle-ups and handstand push-ups in the early steps of the events, instead of putting them in the end.

Also the weights were heavier this time. First of all, 1RM of clean and jerk right after a tough workout which consisted of 52.5kg snatches. There were also 85kg cleans included. This was the second year in a row when there was not a time domain in a workout. Everyone who wants to finish the 15.5 has to complete the same workload as everybody else. Tough job. I'm eagerly waiting for the Regionals, it's gonna be a blast to watch them!

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