Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday 7.3: Wall ball, Du's, Lunges

Saturday. Emom x 30min: 1st min 20 wb, 2nd min 30 du's, 3rd min 20 lunges.

The weather wasn't the most beautiful but that didn't matter, I like to go outdoors for a good workout. Wod was the long workout of the week. This time I was gonna dominate the wall ball as last time it was joking around on me. In the evening we went downtown to see an awesome friend couple for dinner and stand up purposes. Great evening!


  • Every minute on the minute, for 30 minutes (10 rounds)
  • 1st minute: 20 wall ball
  • 2nd minute: 30 double unders
  • 3rd minute: 20 walking lunges

This long workout was moderate intensity but a good burner on shoulders anyway. It left me good recovery time between movements so I could concentrate on getting all elements unbroken. Still, I got about 3 misses on the double unders. It was kind of exotic to do doubles in a windy environment. Haven't been doing those outdoors much. In some HC Triplet we had them with Toni but normally it's mostly indoors naturally. My shins were a bit sore before the workout so I didn't go mad on the amount of du's per round.

There was a good number of reps on the wall balls. Actually the most I've ever done in one workout, 200 of them. In the beginning it was okay to smash the 20 reps unbroken, then towards the mid, and end they got more spicy and my shoulders were burning eventually. Still, they went in 20's without mistakes.

Bodyweight lunges wer the easiest one of this one. They can be a pain in the ass (literally) but today they weren't that bad. I once did wb's and lunges in this same place for 50-40-30-20-10 reps and my butt was numb for days =) These 20 reps per minute didn't step up to that level yet but I couldn't add more reps because the purpose of this workout was not to go 100% effort but to get decent workload done, have heart rate moderate and build the engine that way.

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