Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday 8.3: Gymnastics

Sunday. Gymnastics, handstand, weighted hspu's, muscle-up progressions.

Sunday has lately been the day when I leave barbells and metcons off the program and concentrate in different types of bodyweight control movements. This time it was handstand after a long break. Had that issue with my right wrist for quite a while so that prevented handstand training but now it's all cool. I also brought weight vest with me so I played around a bit with that.


  • Handstand
  • Weighted handstand push-ups
  • Strict muscle-up progressions

It was freaking awesome to hit some handstand training today after a long break! Loved every attempt of it. All those attempts were around 20 seconds being inverted. There were moments where I found a zen-like state of mind where I was able to hold still, not move a muscle, and just balance it off by pressing my fingers / palm back and forth. One thing to remember, is to breath. That seems to be something I need to focus on.


I put a 9kg vest on and had some fun being upside down. Never tried that before. Handstand push-ups, it was a lot tougher naturally but the path up and down felt as natural as regular hspu's. That vest just bailed on me at one point and fell on my face =) I guess it's not made for being inverted. I don't know but it was fun.

Last part of my training session was fooling around with rings. Weighted pull-ups with false grip, then having a resistance band on the rings I tried to do strict muscle-ups, still with the vest on. Finally I took it off and attempted more strict mu's, and then practiced the sole transitions. Naturally needed the band for that.

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