Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday 11.3: C&J, Front squats, Deficit hspu's

Wednesday. Clean and jerk (max 95kg). Workout, 5rds of: 5 front squat (90kg) from ground, 5 deficit hspu's. Time, 8.27.

I went to the gym early in the morning. Felt tight which was no wonder this early. I'd rather hit it at afternoon after a long night sleep and an abundant breakfast. This day was focusing on weightlifting in the form of clean and jerk. The workout afterwards was a modification of mainsite's wod from earlier this week.

Clean and jerk.
  • 3x1 @ 70% (72.5kg)
  • 3x1 @ 75% (77.5kg)
  • 2x1 @ 80% (85kg)
  • 2x1 @ 85% (90kg)
  • 2x1 @ 90% (95kg)
  • 2x1 @ 85% (90kg)
Before I touched the bar it felt like I'm not gonna be able to do any serious lifts at all. My body wasn't fully awake. I would have liked to just sleep for couple more hours =) But there was work waiting for me so I figured why not go to work at the gym too beforehand. In the end it was great to do some c&j lifts.

As I look at the lifts I realize the starting position for the clean has taken a big jump forward in technique. My butt is much lower, shoulders over the bar, and chest up. There still needs to be more extension of the hips, that's for sure.

On the jerk there my knees seem not to go out as they should. In push presses knees are out but on these jerks they mostly go forward which is not a good thing because then the bar usually goes forward also. Okay, the bar path was ok in the jerks still but these were definitely the best jerks I can do. I'm still happy on the way I performed considering how it felt before the session!

Metcon. Time, 8.27
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 5 front squat, 90kg
  • 5 deficit handstand push-ups
This was originally on for 10 rounds of 5 front squat (205lbs = 90kg), and parallette hspu's. This was as close as it can get as there are no parallettes at our gym. It would have probably been an awesome battle for 10 rounds. Time was going too fast so I had to cut it to 5 rounds.

Having to take the barbell from ground instead of rack was a different thing. I would have probably moved faster had it been a rack version. Those really burned my legs and put pressure on core too. Deficit hspu's on the other hand were tough on shoulders so it was a gray combination. No wonder as it was taken from mainsite. Those workouts are legit!

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