Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday 3.3: Squats, 3x5min amraps

Tuesday. Back squat 7x3 (mostly 130kg). Metcon, 3x5min amraps of: box, lateral burpees, front squat (60kg).

What a sick training day! Just what I needed. Heavy back squats and then bad ass Don-killer in the form of three short and intense metcons with same movements (box, burpee, squat), the only difference being the number of reps in each amrap. I really felt work was done today.

  • Back squat 7x3 (115, 125, 130, 130, 130, 130, 130kg)
Nice to have multiple sets of back squats, and towards the heavier side of the game. My goal was to hit some sets at 130kg. At first I took 60, and 90kg warm-up sets as pause squats, then hit it at 115kg to get a taste of proper weights. Adding 10 more kilos after that one, and it started to feel about the correct weight. These sets at 130kg were not light and easy by no means. Maybe first 2 of them felt more comfortable but the last rep of each set was a good push.

It took me 20 minutes to go through all 7 sets so there wasn't a huge break between sets. That was intentional. I wanted to hit the three-part metcon and I knew I had to hurry up a bit in order to have time for all this work. That's why the clock was running for the entire time.

Metcon. Result, 86 + 84 + 84 reps
  • With a running clock
  • A) 5min amrap of:
  • 12 box
  • 12 lateral burpee
  • 12 front squat, 60kg
  • Result, 2 rounds + 2 burpee
Rest 5min
  • B) 5min amrap of:
  • 10 box
  • 10 lateral burpee
  • 10 front squat, 60kg
  • Result, 2 rounds + 4 front squat
Rest 5min
  • C) 5min amrap of:
  • 8 box
  • 8 lateral burpee
  • 8 front squat, 60kg
  • Resut, 3 rounds + 4 burpee

This was genius. It's no surprise breathing and legs took the biggest hit in these amraps. The nature of the A-B-C parts was different with different amount of reps in each of them. The first had most consecutive reps and that created problems with front squat. 60kg is light weight but in a metcon where everything else burdens legs too, it's not that light anymore. Plus those heavy back squats had been just completed and my legs weren't fresh for sure.

I did everything in this part unbroken except the 2nd round of front squats as I brought the bar down after 7 reps, let the tension go off my lower body and then finished the 5 reps. It was 2 full rounds, 12 box and 2 burpees as the 5min time cap was done.

Noah Olsen on 15.1 and 15.1a

Yesterday as I thought about this one, I figured 5 minutes is plenty of time to get back in the game. I really needed that amount. It felt for a long time, I would have hit it after 3min but it was good thing to have as much as 5min recovery. That came in handy on the front squats again. Box and burpees were no big deal. They got the breathing up, no doubt. But the big time muscle burn came on the front squats. They were hard. I did everything unbroken though. Didn't wanna drop the bar because that would have been a waste of time and energy. Just suck it up.

Last one was mentally the easiest, last one and nothing to lose. Just do it. And the number of front squats was not bad considering it was only 8 reps. And I had just gotten 10 reps unbroken each round so it was encouraging. What describes the performance of these 3 amraps was probably consistency. My result varied by just 2 reps in total. It was 86 - 84 - 84 reps. Very happy about this!

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