Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday 19.3: Zimmerman

Thursday. Hero wod Zimmerman, 25min amrap of: 11 c2b, 2 deads (142.5kg), 10 hspu. Result, 220 reps.

There were couple of options how to approach this Thursday. Had to listen to my body and what it needs to get done today. Snatches were one option, squats were on the table too as well as a chipper style clean and jerk / bodyweight combo. All good and different workouts but a hero workout was the winner.

Zimmerman. Result, 220 reps (9 rounds + 2 deads)
  • 25min amrap of:
  • 11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 2 deadlift, 142.5kg
  • 10 handstand push-up
This is a newcomer for me. It's been in my phones notes since January, and I've promised myself to give it a try someday. Friday is already a classic for deadlift but I took it one day earlier because this seemed to feel my mood of the day perfectly. Pull-ups were very intriguing and I had to get them done.

Zimmerman is a long amrap, 25 minutes of elements that are not that easy. Pull-ups are chest-to-bar versions, deadlifts are semi heavy, and the number of hspu's per round is high. So it was difficult to comprehend how this is going to turn out. My strategy was to go by feeling. I know my body and that there would be no point in rushing through the gates early on because c2b's would kill me later on. And traditionally people think that once hspu's are gone, they really are gone.

I cut the pull-ups in pieces already in the first round. I wouldn't gain anything by trying to be a hero and aim for unbroken sets. Instead it was 6-5 or 7-4 in the first rounds. For most of the last rounds it was 6-3-2 reps, to release the tension in my lats and forearms. The amount of volume was huge for me. Total of 100 c2b's is no joke. I've done 100-150 pull-ups in a metcon but c2b's are next level. And hundred of them is about 100% more I've ever done in a workout.

Deadlifts would not create any problems. They were semi heavy but totally manageable. This was the easiest part of the workout. Focus here was not just to pull it but maintain good and solid form all the way. I believe it absolutely stayed as planned.

Hspu's were a mystery beforehand. How would they go? No idea. I'm very comfortable nowadays on them but if the volume would grow over 60 reps that would probably slow down. There was a total of 90 reps of these in the end. I'm extremely happy I was able to get through each and every set unbroken!

This hero wod was tough especially on upper body, not that bad for breathing. Consistency is a word that describes my pace well today. On the 7th round my heart was taking some extra beats so I had to wait for a while, that's why it took a bit longer.

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