Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday 22.3: Muscle-ups, CF Open 15.4

Sunday. Skills, muscle-ups. CF Open 15.4, result 71 reps.

Yesterday was an easier day with just couple of rope climbs in the books so I really wanted to get back in action. It was time for the weekly doze of muscle-ups. Plus the CF Open that was released couple of days ago seemed like an interesting workout so I decided to throw down for it. First Open wod I've done this season.


  • Muscle-ups

Instead of just knocking muscle-ups for fun I paid more attention to how my feet work on those repetitions. They traditionally go here and there which is absolutely not efficient. And if I ever want these to be a strength of mine, that's not the way to do muscle-ups.

So I tied my feet together with a resistance band and hoped that would make a difference. This is something I might do with bar mu's as well. My technique on them is already much more solid than on the rings. Someday they'll maybe match. Hopefully… :)

It felt awkward to have that band preventing my feet to go apart from each other. For sure it made good things, and maybe I can deceive my body and muscle memory this way to think that's they way to do them.

It's freaking awesome that I have muscle-ups in the first place, even though there's tons of work to be done. And I felt immediately that this place was more difficult than the one I practiced on last weekend in Klaukkala. Only because this place is little too low. The ceiling is not as high as I'd like to. Unconsciously I keep my legs a little bent because I'm afraid they'll hit the floor. And those rings can not be set higher, otherwise my head will be hitting the roof or the pipes hanging from there. Yes, these are all good excuses. Just do the work, don't bitch about it.

Anyways, those  muscle-ups kind of got to my left elbow for some reason and it got sore. Almost dropped the Open workout before it even started. Cleans were okay. Heavy but okay. But hspu's felt tough in the warm-up. That elbow bothered me a little.

CF Open 15.4. Result, 71 reps (5 hspu's in the round of 18's)

  • As many rounds as possible, in 8 minutes of:
  • 3 hspu + 3 clean, 85kg
  • 6 hspu + 3 clean, 85kg
  • 9 hspu + 3 clean, 85kg
  • 12 hspu + 6 clean, 85kg
  • 15 hspu + 6 clean, 85kg
  • 18 hspu + 6 clean, 85kg
  • Continue the pattern as far as possible

This really looked like potentially a great workout. And it was. Mixing handstand push-ups and cleans has never been a bad idea. One thing was a bit intimidating on this workout. My squat clean is rather strong with 115kg but then again 95kg is the heaviest I've power cleaned ever.

So it was obvious those might turn heavy after couple of reps. Hspu's are something I'm confident with normally. Now the pain in elbow was a little disturbing but I wasn't gonna bail because of that. The rep scheme was cool too. Usually these come in identically but this was biased for hspu's. Better that way because the bar was rather heavy.

CF Open 15.4

You can see the video above of the workout. I'm happy on the way I performed. If there is something I'd do better, it's hspu's. They felt heavy early on as I already explained. Plan was to go by feeling but my expectation was to do the round of 9's still unbroken, and then cut it to smaller sets. It would have also been awesome to drop the barbell after every rep but this gym wouldn't take it too good. Small difference but mentally that's big.

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