Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday 5.2: Complex emom, Row, Burpees

Thursday. Bar complex, e2mom x 10min: 1 clean + 2 front squat @ 100kg. Workout, 10rds of: 250m row / 300m run + 10 burpee, 60sec rest.

It was destined to be a shorter session but I managed to arrange my schedules so that there was enough time to some barbell work in addition to intervals which were the priority of the day. Rather heavy cleans to begin, and then burpees and running / rowing for high intensity work.

  • Every 2 minutes, total of 5 sets:
  • 1 clean + 2 front squat @ 100kg
Original plan was to do clean and jerk singles with heavy weight and then call it a training day. However, last Sunday's muscle-ups tore a good piece off my right palm so having a good grip has been difficult ever since. On Monday it wasn't too bad yet but the last two days have had some issues with having a hold on anything.

Today I had plenty of tape on my right hand to smoothen the contact with the bar. That helped a lot. Clean was no biggie with the help of tape. The complex was the heaviest I've done this way. One squat clean, then add 2 more front squats. This was very good complex. Something I'd like to do on a daily basis =) Preferably heavy. 100kg sounded heavier beforehand. In the end, it wasn't that bad. Clean was about 87% of my 1RM, and squat was 74% so actually, it shouldn't be that bad either.

  • 300m run / 250m row
  • 10 burpee
  • 60sec rest
  • 6 rounds running, 4 rounds rowing
I wanted to do 10 rounds of rowing and burpees, with just 60sec rest between intervals. Concept 2 was taken in the beginning, and it was about to be taken for the next 15 minutes so I had to start because of schedules. As running is easier for me I decided to add it to 300 meters on the running. It surprised me how much easier this was compared to rowing. I've done this same 10-rounder with just rowing once before and my memories from that day are horrific. It was a lot of mental battle, especially after the mid-workout.

Now these sprints felt lighter. Had I been running outdoors I could have paced it up and ran as fast as possible. Then, it would have definitely been a pain in the ass. But I had to run on a treadmill indoors and the pacing was as high as it gets so there wasn't much to do. The idea in this workout was to hit chest to deck right after running or rowing, no rest between at all.

Of course these sets burned my lungs on the running part too. After 6 rounds I got the chance to sit on the rower so the last 4 rounds were as planned. It was much tougher from the very first round. Rowing requires so much more the entire body in my opinion. What describes my workout and pacing best is consistency. Round times on the running portion was between 1 second each round, at 1..38-1.39. On the rower it was about 2:24 on average, each round getting a bit faster.

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