Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday 9.3: Kb, Push-ups, Running

Monday. Skills, ring dips. Metcon, 15min amrap of: 20 kb swing (32kg), 20 hr push-ups, 200m run. Result, 5rds + 20 swing.

Finally it was a beautiful day, sun was shining all day long and it looked like spring was making its way here. So we skipped gym with Pauliina and squats had to be postponed further. We went walking in the forest in a perfect weather. Afterwards I asked a friend / neighbor to join me outdoors for a workout and luckily he was instantly in. He's not a crossfitter, more like traditional gym training so it was a positive surprise to get a training partner. And he did good!

  • Ring dips
I didn't count the sets but it was around 40 reps of ring dips, just for fun. Basically I took 10's. Those felt great. Not heavy in the beginning as they usually tend to feel like. So I kept on pumping dips for warm-up as I was getting myself ready for the metcon. My pal also tried ring dips for the first time. He's strong in stationary dips, and it showed that strong upper body helped a lot for ring dips too.

Metcon. Result, 5 rounds + 20 kettlebell swing
  • 15min amrap of:
  • 20 kettlebell swing, 32kg
  • 20 hand release push-ups
  • 200m run
We got a good workout done in the evening! Kettlebell is always perfect element. Push-ups are too rare in my program, and by doing them hand release versions made it even tougher. Same with running, especially outdoors is something I'd like to do more but then again, I don't have the possibility to combine running with other bar movements. Those are killer combos.

So I kind of knew this would bring some issues on the swings, they would probably turn out to be heavy in the end. Well, I did first round unbroken, and then cut it to 12-8 in the following 5 other rounds. My result was 5 full rounds and 20 swings to the 6th round. This didn't burn my forearms but for some reason triceps and also lower back got sore during the workout.

Push-ups were hand release versions, just to add a notch to the misery level. I never came up before 20 reps were completed but had to straighten my arms after 10 reps after first round. In the end it was 10-5-5, and straightening arms in between. Just laying in the ground, face down, with arms straight ahead. That released the tension for just a bit in order to get strength back and finish the reps.

This is from yesterday's meal prep for this week

It was great to run, no doubt. It wasn't an all out sprint but I tried to keep my legs moving properly. It was 100m back and forth, with a little elevation on the other end. We did this on the backyard of our apartment block. This really got under our skin, and we were happy on throwing down together for this one.

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