Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday 20.6: Rings, Cleans and 15min amrap

Friday. Skills, ring muscle-ups. Barbell, every 30sec: 1 squat clean @ 90kg, for 10min. Metcon, 15min amrap of: 5 hspu, 10 t2b, 15 box. Result, 275 reps.

We're heading to central Finland today for midsummer celebration but I had time to sneak to the gym in the morning to torture my body one more time before departure. Some skills to begin with, then heavy clean emom and finally a test of fitness in form of 15min amrap of bodyweight movements.

  • Ring muscle-ups
I took a double in the beginning without false grip, then 1-2 singles in the same style and the last 1-2 reps were false grip reps. It felt old all the way. I had to change the style in the end because it started to feel so heavy without false grip.

  • Every 30 seconds, perform 1 squat clean @ 90kg, for 10min
I decided to get back where I was with my cleans before the american trip. So that's why I have intentionally taken a lot of cleans in the past 2 weeks. Today I did it emom style, every half a minute completed one squat clean at a quite heavy weight. 90kg is no joke for me if I have to do them without that much rest. I knew there would be no problem but I mean I got to respect this weight and be grateful I can move it pretty well even though it's heavy-ish.

Metcon. Result, 275 reps (9 rounds + 5 hspu)
  • 15min amrap of:
  • 5 handstand push-ups
  • 10 toes-to-bar
  • 15 box jumps, 61cm
I wanted to have a traditional metcon in my system and really see if I can keep my body moving throughout the workout. That's why the movements and reps per movements were as you see above. I can do 5hspu, 10 t2b and 15 box whenever I want. But the real question is how can I do them when I've already done like 5 rounds. The answer seemed to be: well. At least today my pace remained consistent and I was able to push through the demons telling me to slow down. I didn't listen to those guys but just kept pushing through. My result in the end was 9 full rounds and 5 handstand push-ups on the 10th round. Totalling 50 hspu, 90 t2b and 135 box. I'm happy, now I can take it easy and go pack our car =)

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  1. Updated the ring muscle-up video, couple of more reps now. -Don