Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday 5.6: Handstand, running metcon, sprints

Thursday. Training day in Eltsu. Skills, handstand walk. Metcon, 5rds of: 4 c&j (60kg), 30du, 330, run. Time 15.19. Uphill sprints, 10x70m.

This was awesome, I got a chance to go to Eltsu for training in the afternoon after work. Started off with handstand walk skills. Main wod was a running metcon, added with clean & jerks and double unders. This seemed like a good way to get my lungs to work. I'm stilling missing heavy squats but I'll wait couple of days before jumping into those. It was spectacular to hit a tougher metcon indeed. Couple of minutes after the workout I realized a potential for hill sprints.

It's getting warm in here!

  • Handstand
It felt natural all the way and I was able to stay consistent with my performance. It was something between 8-10m each set I tried. Maybe not the same level as those Crossfit Regionals' athletes that walked several 30m sets in the 3min time cap. I believe the longest distances were around 350 feet which is a little over 100m. Don't take the numbers that seriously, I wasn't that accurate but they were around there.

These sets were pretty much the longest I've had so I would dare to call this a PR. Haven't measured them so precisely but 10m is close to the best I've done. Gotta practice more this summer to master this skill better. Both handstand walk and still handstand position.

Metcon. Time 15.19
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 5 clean & jerk, 60kg
  • 30 double unders
  • 330m run
This was great. Exactly what I was looking for. My breathing was heavy from the beginning and didn't come down until a minute after the clock had stopped. I was able to keep a steady pace and I felt - the first time in a long time - like I was flying on the running part. Well, that might have been a little exaggeration but it felt much lighter than normally. Maybe because I haven't squatted that much lately.

I went unbroken with the clean & jerks. It was a bit shaky on some round with my feet work. I thought it might have been because of my shoes. I've used to lift in weightlifting shoes but these Reebok Nano's are pretty good in anything I do with them. Lift, run, jump, burpees, you name it. They were worth the money.

  • Sprints uphill, 10x70m
  • Recovery, walk back down, then sprint right away
I was about done after the workout but then after resting a while it struck me there is a hill when you walk out from the cave. I measured it's about 70m in total, all uphill, and the incline is pretty steep. I took a total of 10 sprints. The recovery was just a walk down, then turn around and run back up, no rest at the bottom. I tried to use good technique, lifting my legs high and running with my calves so that my legs would touch the ground as little as possible.

It was great to run today. As I wrote, I felt fast and efficient on the metcon and on the sprints. And the main wod was something my soul needed. The fast heart beat was something I live for.

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