Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday 8.6: Run, overhead lunges, kb and squat + handstand

Sunday. AM: Metcon, 4rds of: 20 overhead lunges (40kg), 400m run, followed by 21-15-9 kb swing (32kg), back squat (40kg). PM: Handstand skills.

Spent the weekend at the in-laws in the countryside. Always a good chance to do a workout outdoors. It's awesome to hit it in the nature instead of a basement without windows =) The workouts' character is naturally different, I enjoy both styles. When going outdoors barbells are a rarity but Kari has acquired all kinds of stuff, including a bar with max 50kg weights. Today's workout was a nasty one and definitely put my lungs to test. Metcon in the morning and skills in the afternoon.


  • 4 rounds of:
  • 20 overhead walking lunges, 40kg
  • 400m run, then
  • 21-15-9
  • Kettlebell swing, 32kg
  • Back squat, 40kg

This was a great one. The first part took me about 15min, the latter I wasn't so specific about. Run was approximately 400m, tracker shows a little more though. Anyway, the distance or time wasn't the thing, I did the best I could and was burned after the workout. My shoulders were done. I'm not sure have I done overhead lunges more than once before, at least never in a metcon to my knowledge.

The weight itself on the lunges wasn't bad - just 40kg - but holding the bar in a static position overhead and completing rather slow walking lunges proved to be challenging. I did it 10m one way, dropped the bar, turned around and took another set of 10m lunges.

It wasn't that taxing on the legs, more on the shoulder department. Kari's barbell is shorter than olympic lifting bar which is cool for these kind of workouts. It's a different thing to start back squatting PR numbers from rack but for outdoor workouts this is perfect. I kept my hands at the very far end of the bar. It was just the width I needed for the lunges.

Running went smoothly too. It has felt better lately to run. I used my new Nike Free shoes for running that I bought from San Francisco. I didn't time this so precisely but I gave it my all on this part too. Both movements made me breath heavily and reaching goal line needed some hard work.

Second part of the workout was posterior chain work. Kettlebell swings and back squats. In a similar way as yesterday's front squats and burpees. I had loaded the bar already for 40kg so I went with that. Squatting in uneven grass so that was all I needed for back squats. I had probably 3min break between part 1 and 2.

I went unbroken for both movements. Kettlebells were american swings as they are 99% of the times I do kb swings. That means bringing it all the way overhead whereas russian swings' standard is to swing the bell to eye level. The range of motion is defined so that the bottom of the bell is directly over the ears, shoulders, hips and ankles.

This was a quick one but felt bad. These second metcons - even though they would be quick ones - are tough. Way tougher than they would be when done solely. For example today, 21-15-9 kb and squats. Not bad? Well, it turned out way tougher than it seemed because I was done after the run / oh lunges so it was a different game after them.

Still, I'm very happy I've concentrated in metcons now after our trip. I've replaced strength training with metabolic training. Gonna keep improving my inner engine and making it strong. It was spectacular to throw down with Kari today. He was working with kettlebells and bodyweight movements too. Respect!


  • Handstand

Afternoon getting some fuel in and chilling with family I took on some handstand skills. The weather was perfect, sun was shining, it was warm and it just feels like summer!