Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday 11.6: "Macho Man"

Wednesday. "Macho Man". Emom, 3 power clean, 3 front squat, 3 push jerk (60kg), for 10min.

I wanted to make it hard today. Had time for one good workout so I decided to make it a perfect one. This is a benchmark workout at, the best crossfit site I know, hosted by Ben Bergeron. I've written about this page earlier many times. Man and a barbell, nothing more needed.

Macho Man. At 60kg
  • Every minute on the minute, for 10min:
  • 3 power clean, 60kg
  • 3 front squat, 60kg
  • 3 push jerk, 60kg
I warmed-up well before hitting the workout. I had no time for additional strength / skills training. Okay, this was as heavy as it gets so there was no need for one anyway. The idea is to complete 3 reps at each of the 3 movements, totaling 9 reps per min. I managed to get the plan done as prescribed. Rx'd the workout should be done @ 85kg. Plus if you make it through 10 minutes, you ought to add 1 more rep for each movement.

My goal prior to starting the clock was to make it 10 rounds and I stuck to that eventually. I'm telling you it would be awesome to drop the barbell on this kind of workout. After completing the last rep each minute the temptation is great to just let go. On couple of times I think I did but mostly I'll bring it nicely back down because this is not a crossfit box.

Power cleans were the easiest part of this one. It was the first move so there was not that much burden accumulated at first grip. It gets tougher towards the end of each minute. Front squats made me breath more and push jerks sealed the deal. I got everything done in the same time frame, no need to pause at any moment. It felt tougher after each minute, no doubt about it but it was tolerable.

I was glad it was over though =) I'd like to give it a shot @ 70kg but definitely in a place where dropping weights is considered ok. Push jerks were the nastiest movement of these 3 elements. I still went touch'n'go on my front rack position every round every rep. It felt great to being able to knock this workout as I had planned!

Latter half of the workout

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