Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday 3.6: Hspu's, pull-ups, ring dips

Tuesday. Metcon, 10 to 1, down by 1's of: strict hspu's and pull-ups. Cashout, 50 ring dips.

Getting back in action. The pills have really kicked in and the pain is gone. I'm still a bit cautious because I was told not to work with my lower body. So I had to think about movements that would bring as little burden to legs and hip flexors as possible. Ended up doing hspu's, pull-ups and ring dips.

Handstand walking wherever I can, love it! This is in San Francisco

  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • Strict handstand push-ups
  • Strict pull-ups

This combined to a total of 55 reps for both movements. Had to go strict intentionally because kipping would have turned to a whole body movement. It's been a humble experience to do handstand push-ups and pull-ups as strict lately. I did them strict in the States too. They should really increase the strength in upper body. Going kipping will increase strength in the entire body plus the side effect of metabolic conditioning. Like them both.

On the hspu's I went unbroken on the first set, and could have done at least 2 more had it been max effort. From then on I complete each set in 2 parts to the round of 5's. The last 4 sets I did unbroken. The cut sets were 6+3, 5+3, 4+3, 4+2, and 3+2. Definitely made my shoulders work a lot. The sets weren't easy for sure!

Pull-ups turned heavy, that took me by surprise. Sets of 10 and 9 went unbroken. On the round of 8's I was no-repped on the last rep. No-repped by myself =) I believe the next round was unbroken, and then on 6's, 5's and 4's were done in 2 sets. The last 3 sets unbroken. I took couple of no reps somewhere during the metcon. I tried to pull with as much as I had but couldn't get high enough so naturally I didn't count them. And I was not giving any slack on the strict / kip arrangement. All reps as strict.

Big shout-out to my main man Toni. He just PR'd his Grace rx'd to 2.58. You'll see couple of his Grace workouts. The first one was completed in 2012, scaled to 40kg, his first Grace ever. And below the newest date with this girl. Congrats man and great development you've had!



  • 50 ring dips
As I've written so many times, ring dips must be worked on. I'm not satisfied with the amounts I'm able to complete in metcons. Today seemed like a perfect day to do couple of tens in the end. I tried to do them as quick as possible. I took a 10 at first, then with just small rest periods in between tried to do smaller sets to reach total of 50 reps. And I kept focus on going deep enough to make it count every time.

It was a ten in the beginning, then couple of 5's and then 3's till the end. I tried to keep the rest as short as possible. At times my shoulders and chest was so smashed that I had to shake my hands to get the tension released. This went pretty well in my opinion. I was thinking about the monsters at Crossfit Regionals working on the "50's workout", and tried to simulate the feeling as they had to do 50 ring dips in the middle of the workout. Those guys are the real deal, respect!

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