Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday 6.6: Two metcons, 7min amrap & 12min amrap

Friday. Metcon, 7min amrap, ascending ladder of overhead squat and burpees. Result, 71 reps. Metcon, 12min amrap of: 5 deads (120kg), 12 push-ups, 20 box. Result, 235 reps.

Gonna work that metabolic condition. Two different metcons, almost back to back. Just a short break in-between. Both were amrap-style workouts and I'm telling you I was done after the training day. The first one burned my shoulders big time, it was also the first time I've squatted in a week as I had that inflamed hip flexor last weekend. The latter workout was focusing more on heavy breathing and lower body endurance.

Tightrope walking in San Francisco. Just walked by this guy and he offered us to give it a shot. I was in right away!

No wonder what happened… =) But it sure as hell was cool! Great body balance work indeed

Metcon. Result, 71 reps
  • Ascending ladder, 3-3, 6-6, 9-9… of:
  • Overhead squats, 40kg
  • Burpees
This is an extraordinary way to build a workout. I've seen these 7min amraps quite a lot and they've been used in Crossfit Open too. I remember there was one with thrusters and c2b pull-ups. It's actually one of my bro's favorites. Or at least he does it quite often. Two movements that suit him well.

At some point I had decided to work on overhead squats this way and was wondering a friend for them to accompany in the metcon. In the end it was burpees that took the win. It turned out to be a good combo to kill shoulders of a man.

I went unbroken on the overhead squats through the set of 12 reps. On the round of 15's it got me. I was able to nail 6 reps, then dropped the bar, had to reset myself and then completed another 5 reps until the 12min time cap came full. I took my time between attempts. I had energy in my tank but my shoulders didn't have pretty much anything left.

Burpees went on okay. This was all about the ohs for me. The set of 9's and 12's were tougher and on the first reps after ohs I felt like I had no hands at all, couldn't feel them in a normal way. Those overhead squats took me by surprise and left me with numb hands to attack on the burpees. I had time to rattle through the round of 12's and then completed 11 squats on the round of 15's.

Metcon. Result, 235 reps (6 rounds + 8 push-ups)
  • 12min amrap of:
  • 5 deadlift, 120kg
  • 12 push-ups
  • 20 box jumps, 61cm
The second workout had a totally different nature. They were similar in a sense that my lungs had to do work a lot. But the writing in this one was more of a classical one. One round consisted of moderate deadlifts, push-ups and high-rep box jumps. Nothing special but the amount of box jumps. There was more than normally per round. 20 reps is no joke in the long run, it's a different thing to knock 10, 20 or 30 reps in a row. Deadlifts and box jumps were focusing lower body and posterior chain. As I haven't been able to squat, I figure to target the posterior chain otherwise. Push-ups were there to give some recovery on lower body.

I'm happy how I completed this one. Everything unbroken. I definitely felt tired after this one and had to get a grip of myself for a while. Breathing was heavy all the way, the combination of movements made sure of that. Box jumps are always a guarantee for great metabolic conditioning.

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