Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday 9.10: Recreational day

Friday. Recreational day, active recovery.

Our boss at work had planned a day of different kind of activities in Vierumäki. Toni was there too. This was a whole day of fun, and afterwards we drove back to our workplace to join the evening with our teams. There was a different kind of action going. Basically quality time with good people.

Attaching the equipment for archery

Active recovery.

  • Body composition measurement
  • Horseback riding
  • Foam rolling for an hour
  • Archery
  • Handstand

The day started with Inbody body composition test. This was the first time this was done to me, and the results were actually a lot of fun to see. Plus, they were good so there was nothing to be grumpy about. Great to see all the work being done at the gym and in kitchen really pays off.

Pony on a pony

After getting some lunch in our stomachs we went to ride some Islandic horses. That was pretty fun for a one-time experience. Okay, I've ridden a horse twice as a little kiddo.

Foam rolling

Foam rolling was basic stuff, you could call it a mobility class. Back, lats, quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves got hammered. Last thing was an hour of archery. In the beginning I had issues with the grip as I had no idea how to hold the bow. After a while I got a hold on the whole thing and started putting the arrows to the middle. This was a lot of fun in the end!

Me and Vidar

Here is also where I could do my workout of the day. All the activities were not that much sports related. More like active recovery so I worked on my handstand walk while it was others' time to shoot the arrows. Handstands worked very well! From the very first attempt it was very natural and I was able to complete sets of plus 10 meters. It wasn't that shaky as it sometimes is. There was a good rhythm all the way.

The crew

This day goes in the category "always learn and play new sports"

Pony shooting like a pro

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