Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday 17.10: Wb, Kb, Lunges

Saturday. AM. Metcon, 5rds of: 20 wb, 15 kb swing (32kg). PM. Lunges 12x12 @ 50kg.

Weekend in Klaukkala, always a pleasure and that traditionally means working outdoors. This was classic stuff. I packed my gear with me and decided what to do on the spot.

3km warm-up run, then 5rds of:
20 wall ball, 9kg / 3m
15 kettlebell swing, 32kg

Running was easy pace jogging. Idea was to take full advantage of tge sunny weather and just loosen joints up for the metcon. We went running with Pauliina and her dad Kari.

Metcon's purpose was to get heart rate up good time and to go unbroken on both movements. That is exactly what happened so I'm happy on the way it turned out. Wall balls were the tougher one on these two options. Shoulders got a good burn but I had decided to go unbroken on both so I hung on for all 5 rounds.

Kb started to get under my skin a bit but not too bad. Forearms were a bit shot at the end. There was no doubt on hitting the kb's as planned though.

Lower body.
Back rack walking lunges, 12x12 @ 50kg

We had some guests drop in during the day so I went outdoors to lunge with the barbell when the sun had set already. Kari has a bar with max loading of 50 kilos so I took that on my back and started working. 12 lunges, then bring the bar down, walk around and repeat. For a total of 12 sets.

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