Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday 13.10: Squat, Overhead, 20min emom

Tuesday. Back squat triples (up to 140kg). Overhead strength singles (up to 90kg). Emom x 20min: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squat. Accessory, 3rds of: 12 reverse hyper, 90sec rest, 10 ghd's with pause, 90sec rest.

Long session at the gym. Everything went as planned, and I left with a big smile. It took a while to go through all the planned work but there was no rush so I took my time to improve my fitness level. Squats to kick off the session, then overhead work. Metcon was mental more than anything, and finally some accessory work to strengthen core and lower body.

  • Back squat triples (100, 115, 130, 140, 140, 140kg)
Now I decided to start the session with back squats so my back wouldn't get tight in the process. This worked well, and body felt great for back squats. The first sets were obviously light. It's always awesome to see that 130kg is no biggie for a set. I still remember a time when it was a bit shaky even for a single. There's been a clear development.

Next station was at 140kg. Wasn't light. For sure. But I nailed those anyway, somehow =) Form wasn't beautiful but I'm glad anyway of hitting the weights as planned. I had the option of putting some extra kilos on the barbell if the first set of 140kg would have come up more easily. But the first set was somewhat a battle so I decided to keep it at the same weight for each set.


  • Shoulder press 1-1-1 (across 60kg)
  • Push press 1-1-1 (across 70kg)
  • Push jerk 1-1-1 (across 80kg)
  • Split jerk 1-1-1 (across 90kg)
Good one to get some action overhead. Weights were a bit conservative. I mean for singles. Started on strict press, then made it a notch easier by every round by changing the style how to put the bar overhead. But the twist was to add 10kg each time.

This felt great and at this very moment it feels good to do this as some sort of progression. Add little weight per movement and try how far it's possible to go. Push press was relatively the easiest of these four styles when taken into consideration the weight being handled. I took a video of each press/jerk so you'd witness it too. It's been time since jerking serious weight so it felt kind of funny to go at 90kg. Quite steady but I felt it hasn't been possible to jerk heavy lately.

  • Every minute on the minute x 20min
  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 air squats
As you probably know this resembles one benchmark workout. Called Cindy. That is a 20min amrap of the mentioned movement pattern. This was a modified version of doing it in emom style. Even though it was kind of easier, it was still horrible towards the end. It took 31-33 seconds each round to complete the required amount of work so that was as solid as it can be. No difference between rounds.

It just started to burn muscles round by round towards the end more and more. Somewhere in the middle it started to get mental. Pretty much in the same way as in Cindy. I remember last time completing that one, I was mentally exhausted at 8 minutes =) But managed to push through that dark place and come back to a happy place.

Pull-ups were the easiest part of this one. Push-ups started to feel like they are going to kill my triceps. Managed to get them unbroken still. Air squats were not nice either in the end. Kept the breathing high and legs burned. Not as much as I had anticipated but still there was good tension in lower body. Got to say these nanos are darn good in all possible movements you need in crossfit. They are made for squatting! And jumps are also good so I dare to declare these the best shoes ever.

Metcon needed no barbell this time. Pull-up bar and bodyweight movements

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 12 reverse hyper
  • 90 second rest
  • 10 ghd sit-up with 2 second pause at parallel on both descent and ascent
  • 90 second rest
Accessory work to strengthen core and posterior chain. It was nice to have time to work on this kind of extra work. Reverse hypers to put more pressure on posterior chain, and ghd's were done in a different style. That made a big time difference. Regular ghd's with a pause at parallel level on both ways, up and down. Good burn on the core!

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