Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday 31.10: Muscle-ups and Snatches

Saturday. Metcon, 5-4-3-2-1 of: bar mu and hang snatch (50kg). Technique, 5x5 hang power snatch (40kg). Skills, bar mu's.

My plans included muscle-ups and snatches. No actual strength work as separate stuff. Rings were first priority but somehow my back felt tight, probably due to all the cleans this week. Yesterday was good volume with them. I thought bar mu's would roll better so I changed them on the fly.

Metcon. Time, 4.54

  • 5-4-3-2-1 of:
  • Bar muscle-up
  • Hang squat snatch, 50kg
This is obviously supposed to be a quick one. Yes, I went unbroken on both movements and got it without misses. I was not the most confident with snatches as my warm-up didn't go exactly as I planned. I took hang snatches at 40kg, then 50kg. Those were fine. Then jumped to 55kg and took 2 fails. The first one stayed in front and the second one was a poor attempt, and I didn't go under the bar. More like a snatch high pull =) For some reason there's a huge difference between my clean and snatch. The bar just feels a ton heavier when my grip is wider.

Anyway, I knew I'm gonna do the muscle-ups in a row each round, especially by catching some breath in the transitions. However, on the snatches I wasn't that cocky. So it was a positive signal to hit the first round of 5 reps unbroken. That boosted the self talk in my head and I got the remaining rounds unbroken too. Couldn't grab the barbell right away after dropping down from the mu's. And vice versa. Main goal was to go unbroken. Don't know, maybe I could have gone faster. Not much today but maybe a little. It was difficult to know my body and how it would hold on with this kind of combination.


  • 5x5 hang power snatch, 40kg
The metcon was top priority for sure but I wanted to work on speed with snatch afterwards. It's pretty sick how heavy the bar feels like doing snatches. It's always been like that. Even though I kept the bar close. That was my goal in these power snatches.


  • Bar muscle-ups (sets of 3-5-5-5 reps)

Skills in the end, couple of sets. I thought about doing triples for a total of 15 reps but after first set I decided to do 5's. Felt good about these muscle-ups in every single set. Considering the longest streak of mu's I've done in the history of crossfit (10 reps) today's sets felt pretty good. Maybe there is more in the tank than the record says.

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