Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday 1.10: Deads, Bench, Dips

Thursday. Deadlift (up to 170kg). Bench 7x3 (90kg). Accessory, 50 ring dips.

Today was exceptional day. We are having a mini vacation for couple of days in Berlin, Germany. I went to work for rhe morning but pretty soon hit the gym for a strength session. Meathead day to be honest. Some deadlift doubles and 4's. Max load was 2x170kg. Took it up twice.

Bench was more systematic work as I did 7x3 work load at 90kg. Felt great to move this weight around as I remember a time when it was max triple. Lately this has taken huge steps forward so this weight was no problem.

Cashout was 5x10 unbroken dips on the rings. This was early morning session too and I didn't get the most out of deadlifts but bench and dips were rick solid so I'll take these gains and head to the airport!

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