Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday 22.10: Front squat, Push-ups, Sled

Thursday. Wod, 8rds of: 6 front squat (80kg), 20 push-up. Time, 13.23. Pair workout, sled pulls, sitting.

We had a blast of a session with Jasper! My main workout of the day was something close to Gator, a benchmark workout that I've done once in the past. That was a good one. This was not the exact version as rings were taken so this one got modified a bit in the process. In the end we played around with a sled. Good upper body work! It's strange how I still can not extend my right hamstring to full extension but bending the leg is fine. That means squats have no problems at all but there are plenty of stuff that needs to be taken carefully still.

Metcon. Time, 13.23

  • 8 rounds of:
  • 6 front squat, 80kg
  • 20 push-up
Jasper did his thing with pull-ups, kettlebell etc. while I did this workout. Plan was to hit ring push-ups but there was someone else doing her thing so I decided not to disturb and concentrate to regular push-ups. Worked very well. Those are always a good choice, can't do enough push-ups, such a fundamental movement.

It's funny how it's easy to squat even though I still have pain in my leg after it sprained last Sunday. Now I realize it wasn't that bad after all. Luckily! It was awesome to put at least some weight on the barbell and squat. I'm waiting to put real weights on.

One set of squats

This was a good load for this kind of workout. Knocked the front squats unbroken, touch'n'go in the beginning. At least from mid-workout on, there was one inhale on top before 5th and 6th rep. But basically in a row.


  • Sled pull, sitting on the ground
  • Alternating after every 10 meters with a partner
  • Weights: 50, 80, 107kg (+ sled)
I threw in an idea of doing something together and Jasper finished that thought by deciding to work together with the sled. This time it wasn't the classical sled push but to sit down, and pull the sled with a 10m rope. We didn't keep any pause. The grass matt is 20 meters long so Jazz started, pulled for 10m, and the moment he stopped, I continued to pull the other 10 meters.

After 20m we change the course, and continued to other direction. First sled was for 50 kilos, then 80kg, and finally a bit over 100kg. Most of the sets were at 100+ kilos. I'm very satisfied on the load we were able to move. We talked it would be a killer of a session to do sled pushes or sled pulls with a harness for lower body work, and then finish it with this kind of pulls, sitting or standing on one spot. Really good accessory strength work with good intensity too.

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