Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday 18.10: Active recovery

Sunday. Outdoor activities.

This was pretty much a rest day. We went walking outdoors with the crew, then played around a little with our fitness at the track. At first it was just fooling around, then it got serious. Pauliina and Kari timed my 100m sprint at 13.79. With two different clocks the time was identical =) Sick that they got the same time.

Running felt much lighter than normally and there was air below my feet. I decided to give it another shot and that's when came a reminder that you should never put all-in efforts without proper warm-up. Even though we had been outdoors for an hour muscles and joints were not fully activated. So my right hamstring sprained and had to limb for the last 20 meters of the sprint. This is a huge disappointment. Time will tell how serious this actually is but at the moment it hurts.


  1. Yeah, thanks. Hope so too. I'm eager to hit the track already for those sprints =)