Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday 11.10: Box, Press, Clean and jerk, Pull-ups

Sunday. Seated box jumps with vest, triples. Push press 4x4 (70kg). Clean and jerk 6x3 (70kg). Strict pull-ups 2 x 10-8-6-4-2.

Sunday's program was entirely copy pasted from Misfit Athletics. I watched one workout session from their Youtube and it made me change my original plans for today. That seemed to be a good combination of fitness . Everything else but metcon was in the game. Other than that it was pretty good entity.

  • Seated box jump triples
  • Wearing a vest, adding height
I've done high box jumps before. Not that often but they are not a new thing. However, seated box jumps are a newcomer, definitely. This was the first time I've done these, and have never really even considered them. Don't know why though. Those pop up every now and then, and when I saw this video clip I finally decided to give it a shot.

Seemed like a good element to add in the program. I put a 9-10kg vest on. It's not mine so I'm not sure of the accurate weight. Sometime in the history I've piled up bumper plates in a stack as I was practicing deficit handstand push-ups in my current gym and I remember they were very slippery and couldn't hold on their place. That's why I was hesitant to put them on a box to reach more height. Luckily there were some pieces of rubber matt laying at the floor so I took advantage of them and put them on the box one by one, after each round. Still, the height was clearly too low. I really liked to have it a lot higher. Got to find a way to practice this with higher object.

  • Push press 4x4 (70kg)
  • Squat clean and jerk 6x3 (70kg)
These weights based entirely on the video clip I posted above. They called the press for 80% and c&j for 70%. Didn't count them that precisely but I'd say my max push press is around 90kg and clean and jerk is at about 100kg so that's where these kilos came from.

Went touch'n'go on the presses each set. At first I remembered it was for 6 sets so this was left kind of unfinished. Felt good about the push presses all the way. Had a little tightness in the left shoulder but that didn't bother that much.

On the clean and jerks most of the pain was focused on my legs. They felt a bit tired so doing squat cleans (even though there were just a triple per set) burned them a bit each set. Especially on the last rep. But I got to say these new Nanos are great. At least for lifting purposes. I had them on for the entire session and the real test were the cleans. They were very stabile and I was really not missing the lifting shoes.

One thing I need to try fixing is the use of back leg in the split jerk. I guess that needs to be more flexible, instead of stiffly just sticking to its point. Some sort of elasticity is required. Like it had shock absorbers. Other than that, I'm happy with my foot work, and with the bar path in general. Bar hit the hips pretty good as well.


  • Strict pull-ups
  • 2 x 10-8-6-4-2
  • Alternate between overhand and underhand grip
The point was to do a set of 10 reps, first with overhand grip, then underhand grip. Then proceed to 8 reps etc. Total of 60 strict pull-ups. Got to say this was the most disgusting part of the entire session =) Sets of 10 reps were okay. Then my forearms went numb and I tried to open them up by bruising them with lacrosse ball and rolling a barbell against forearms. Never got rid of the numbness so I went through the sets but had to break some of them. Did them with dead hang between every rep. Good session though!

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