Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday 17.11: Fran

Sunday. Benchmark workout Fran. Time 3.28.

NICE! This is the one, the one and only for me. The one I love and the one I hate. Maybe more of the latter one =) The relationship is awkward towards this one. I know I must repeat this after a couple of months and see how my metabolic condition has improved. Still, I wouldn't like to go for it because the feeling afterwards is disgusting. I'd prefer doing a half an hour hero workout instead of Fran.

Fran. Time 3.28. Compare to 15.4.2013

  • 21-15-9
  • Thrusters, 42.5kg
  • Pull-ups

No matter the feeling afterwards, a crossfitter must put all in to complete Fran every once in a while. This is a good test of muscle endurance and metabolic conditioning. The feeling afterwards is not cool. The "long burn" after Fran in the forearms is sick. For some reason today the burn wasn't as bad as it has always been. This was the fourth time I did this workout. However, my lungs are still feeling it, and it's been couple of hours already since I got it through. It's like my immunity system lowered it's protection and my lungs are worn away.

It is as simple as 21 reps of thrusters and pull-ups, then 15 reps each and finally 9 reps both movements. How simple and deceptive can a workout be. Maybe it's the combination of these two that makes it more challenging than it looks. I don't know. But I do know one thing. I PR'd my Fran time by half a minute!!! My time today was 3.28, last time it was 3.58.

I got the round of 21's unbroken on both movements. On the round of 15's thrusters went unbroken and pull-ups were 10+5. On the last round - 9's - thrusters were unbroken and pull-ups 6+3. That means to say this was the first time I got thrusters unbroken all the way from the beginning to the end. Last time I had to drop the barbell in the middle round. Pull-ups went nicely on the first round. Then on the round of 15's I had to drop after 10 reps, took a 6-7sec pause and finished the round. On the last round I got 6 reps, dropped and did the last 3 reps after resting a second or two.


The way I could do this one faster would be to cut on the transition time. Even though it feels like I don't give any slack there's still 10-15 seconds wasted in the transition. If you count it, there's 5 transitions in total so there's some time to be taken off the total time. At this stage this pace felt like it was the best I could possibly do and I'm so damned proud of it! It feels like all the work put in is paying off. These benchmark workouts are the moment of truth. They don't lie. It shows the current condition in a very straightforward way. I'm happy I was able to improve on the time this well. The progression on my Fran times in the last about 1.5 years is like this: 5.48 -> 5.31 -> 3.58 -> 3.28.

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