Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday 3.1: Muscle-ups, clean and jerk, handstand + Front squats

Friday. AM: Skills, muscle-ups. Strength, clean & jerk. Skills, handstand. PM: Front squats (max 130kg).

Yeah, another day at Liikuntamylly. This time I got the best of the best at the scene: my bro and Toni. Some muscle-up training for starters and then clean & jerk for me and Toni. Sipa nailed overhead squat PR of 90kg, not bad!!! In the end we played around some more skills. I focused on handstand, Sipa did a short metcon of running and mu's. Toni did some running and pull-ups.

Skills. Muscle-ups

These were bar muscle-ups this time. It was actually an awesome spot for bar muscle-ups. I haven't even realized there's a proper pull-up bar but Toni spotted it yesterday so we took advantage of it today. Sipa practiced on some ring mu's, Toni went after chest-to-bars and I was working on my bar mu's. Did about 10 reps in total. Also tried ring mu's but my transition phase was non-existing this time. It was encouraging to see I was able to get those mu's nicely.

Strength.Clean & jerk.

  • 5x60, 3x70, 3x80, 2x90, 1x95, 1x100kg, attempt of 105kg failed

No certain agenda here. We started with light stuff and little by little we increased the loads till we reached our maxes of the day. Not feeling very fresh on the shoulders when I woke up to this day so reaching these numbers felt good. 100kg is my current PR and I was able to get there today as well. I also wanted to try out 105kg on the clean. It was a small technical error there, that kind of bummed me out. I received the bar in a proper position but then my left leg bailed on me, the bar felt forward and I had to drop it. Got to say it was close and it's definitely reachable.

Skills. Handstand.

There was no desire to hit a metcon so we fooled around with some skills training in the end too. Toni did some running and pull-ups, I just worked on my handstand again. Tried to balance myself, walk straight and also walk around an object laid on the ground. That was something I haven't tried earlier, Sipa gave a tip to try it out. That was kind of cool

Strength. In the afternoon

  • Front squats with a pause. 5x70, 5x90, 5x100, 5x105, 4x110
  • Front squats, 1x120, 1x125, 1x130kg
Had something like rowing intervals in mind when I thought about this afternoon's workout. For some reason today I got an idea of squatting and I couldn't push that thought aside so front squats it was! Wanted to do them with a pause in the bottom position. Seems very useful movement. It's totally different than making a regular squat. Stop in the hole, chill out for 1-3 seconds and come back up. Today I did about 2 sec pauses.

Front squats with a pause, 100kg

I climbed up to 110kg with pause squats. That was more than I thought I could carry a load by stopping in the bottom, and felt good! The fifth rep of the 110kg was too much to handle, I couldn't hold the bar in the front rack position anymore and while I was sitting in the hole, my elbows started to lose it, lean too much down and even though I tried to come back up I was forced to drop the bar.

Front squat, 130kg

After having done a few sets with a pause, I decided to try a little heavier singles. I took 3 of them: 120, 125 and my current PR of 130kg. Must say that this was way smoother than the one I've done earlier. It was very nice to do heavier front squats after a while.

Recap of training day


  1. The Place is awesome!! Like you guys said it's grown up people's loca HopLop:)

    PR was 87,5kg not 90. I saved it for next time. At next session I would like to concentrate more to c&j technique and snatch.


  2. Haha okay, 87.5kg, that's nothing ;)

    Let's do some oly lifts next time, no prob!