Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday 8.5: Muscle-ups, Table Tennis

Friday. Skills, bar muscle-ups. For fun, table tennis.

My hip flexors have been on fire for 2 full days. I mean it's some serious stuff. About half a year or one year ago they were inflamed and the feeling was pretty much the same. It hurts to lift my legs up so putting pants on is no fun. We had a recreational day at work organized by Toni and myself. It was a blast as we spent the day in Pirkkola. I had time to get some muscle-ups done before doing my part on the day.

  • Muscle-ups (20 reps)
I had couple of minutes to do my thing before the rest of the crew arrived at the spot so it was no surprise I was hanging on the pull-up bar for a short skills session. Beforehand I was a bit nervous because I thought there wouldn't be a chance to improve my fitness at all by any means. "Fortunately" my hip flexors are destroyed so I didn't have to think I missed a workout session.

Luckily there was a quick time window anyway to do some muscle-ups. These felt good. Grip feels better when having gloves off but as my palms are not in perfect condition I decided to have gloves one on these sets.

Had no plan on hitting these reps. It turned out to be a triple in the beginning, then 4-5-4 reps. Last set was supposed to be 4 reps too to get to 20 total but I missed the last one so I took a single to finish the plan.

"Always learn and play new sports".
  • Ping Pong for 1h
Our recreational session took about 2 hours but my role was more like to guide people in their endeavors. It was a lot fun though! Afterwards we went to play table tennis for one hour and took a sauna to relax =) Great day of action, and good recovery for my hips. The weather was perfect for this kind of action!

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