Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday 3.5: OHS, Row, Snatch, Burpees

Sunday. Strength, overhead squat 3x10 (up to 70kg). Metcon, 1.000-750-500m row, 12-10-8 power snatch (50kg), 30-20-10 burpees. Time, 19.24.

After a relaxing weekend in Klaukkala with Pauliina's parents it was time to hit the gym again on Sunday evening. Overhead squats are doe sort of goat for me so these long sets are created intentionally to get more comfortable with a good load over my head in the squat. Rowing metcons are always tough. Add burpees to it and you have a good conditioning portion.


  • Overhead squat 3x10 reps (60, 65, 8x70kg)

I took similar session about a week ago with overhead squats. Three high rep sets with ascending weight. That time sets were 40, 50, 60kg. This time I started with the heaviest load because I knew that is not my max. Completing sets of 10 reps have not been every day stuff for me so no matter how much the bar weighs it's gonna be a bit of a grind. I have probably not done 10x50kg earlier =) If there has been lots of reps, then it has probably been 40-45kg.

My plan is to do this for a progression to build up to heavier weights. I'll do this same combo for couple of times just to improve on my overhead squat. This is not a movement that would challenge my leg strength. It's more like the stability and strength in my shoulders that keep the bar steady. I got the first and second sets done as planned. They were tough but I got them. On the last set I had to let go of the bar after 8 reps. That was actually more than I hoped for. I was shooting for 10 reps but that was quite optimistic. Super happy with these anyway!

What I need to focus more on in the future is the full range of motion. There were definitely some questionable repetitions and I don't wanna see those. My mobility is on okay level. Not good but not bad either. With heavier weights it feels difficult to go rock bottom. That was the reason I asked my training partner to correct me on the depth on the last set. Thanks for the tips mister.


Metcon. Time, 19.24

  • 1.000m row
  • 12 power snatch, 50kg
  • 30 burpee
  • 750m row
  • 10 power snatch, 50kg
  • 20 burpee
  • 500m row
  • 8 power snatch, 50kg
  • 10 burpee

This was a great conditioning workout. Damned it got me breathing heavy. Rowing was the first element I threw in the mix. That sucks every time. And when it does, you know it's gonna be a good wod. Snatch at 50kg is quite heavy for me. That is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. No matter if it's power or squat snatch, they are not easy for me. That means I gotta practice them. That's why there were ohs and power snatches today. And burpees, our love / hate relationship continues =)

My rowing pace was 1.49 / 500m on average on the first thousand meters. For the two remaining rounds of 750 and 500 meters it was 1.51. It was intentionally moderate pace. By no means ca you say that fast. And it was a good decision. Had I rowed my ass off, it would have backfired big time on the snatches.

Total of 30 snatches. Kind of like Isabel with lots of twists. I wasn't looking for unbroken sets at all. Doing this many reps at 50kg would have been a killer. First set was 5-4-3 reps, second one 5-3-2, and the last 5-3 reps. I got them done with as good technique as I have right now so I'm stoked about that. These didn't let my breathing come down at all.

Hitting burpees in a workout is always a mental challenge and especially when you have big sets of them. First set was the nastiest of course with 30 reps in a row. What can I say about these. Suck it up and go. Hit chest to deck, and come back up. As easy as that. Very good workout!

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