Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday 1.5: Deadlift, Amanda

Friday. Strength, deadlift 4x8 (max 160kg). Benchmark workout Amanda, 9-7-5 of: mu's and squat snatch (40kg). Time, 11.55.

Friday pulls were ahead of me. No matter that it is May Day, I'll hit the Box anyway. That's my thang =) We slept late, ate a humongous breakfast and headed to the gym. Classic deadlift session was ahead of me. Then a big time workout called Amanda. Once I get that in the books rx'd, I'll party.

Warm-up workout.
  • Every minute on the minute x 10
  • Odd min, 15 kettlebell swing, 24kg
  • Even min, 10 overhead squat, 20kg
I find it a good way top get the entire body ready for what's up next by doing a little workout. Not every time do I have the time and chance to do it but when I have, it's gonna take place. The purpose is to get it light, just to prepare the entire body for the work ahead of me. Kettlebell swings are great


Friday pulls.
  • Deadlift 4x8 (130, 140, 150, 160kg)
Classic stuff. Pulling iron from the floor is great. Brutal strength. I worked for bigger sets today, 8's for 4 sets. These felt good all the way. My hamstrings and back were strong all the way. Like I've told before, it feels like the most challenging thing is that my fingers hurt like hell when I have a heavy barbell hanging on my hands.

I built up in these sets so that the last set was at 160kg. Could have probably gone heavier but this was a good one definitely. I still remember the day when I took 160kg for one rep max effort at Haaga gym. I had a bunch of good buddies with me and the adrenaline was pumping. End result was this weight up on my waist and I was smiling like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Got to be happy on the journey and gains. Picking up the same load today for 8 reps was no biggie.


Amanda. Time, 11.55
  • 9-7-5 of:
  • Ring muscle-ups
  • Squat snatch, 40kg
I have a dream, and that dream involves me doing Amanda rx'd some beautiful day in the future. Doing 60kg snatches is not a minor thing so combining them with muscle-ups is gonna be awesome. Today I did this one as a scaled version. And I got to admit after looking at my snatches afterwards on video that some of them were power snatches. Especially on the first set of 9 reps where probably all of them were. In the following sets they were better for sure.

Before putting the clock running I took couple of sets of snatches just to make sure how deep is deep enough. There is no mirror at this place and I'm used to secure the depth of my snatches with an eye. This time I tried to get the feel by doing a set and then checking it on video. It got better. Then on the first round of the workout it was way too shallow, no doubt. On the round of 7's and 5's I'm decently happy with them. Not perfect but I'll take it for now.

In general, doing this benchmark was a big milestone to me. No matter it was a light version of it. Combining ring muscle-ups with practically anything is tough for me at the moment so I', happy over any workout with mu's in it. I've done much more metcons with muscle-ups included lately and that is freaking huge thing to me. It proves I have worked on my weaknesses and have gotten better and more all around athlete. And that if something, has been my ultimate goal as a crossfitter.

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