Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday 7.5: Active recovery

Thursday. Active recovery, run 5k.

We were about to hit the gym after work but luckily my woman was in the opinion that today could actually be an easy day or even a rest day. I loved that thought because my body has taken a lot of hit lately and is feeling beaten down. It hurts basically everywhere. Hip flexors, back, lats, triceps are all sore as hell and it didn't feel tempting to do a workout at all.

After eating and chilling at home I got a feeling it would be awesome to go outdoors for a little recovery run. It was very easy pace all the time. Pretty close to 5 kilometer run in the forest, just enjoying being out in the nature.

Here's Jason Khalipa doing unbroken Randy as an inspiration to the upcoming Crossfit Regionals.

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