Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday 23.5: Clean emom, Row, Push-ups

Saturday. Clean emom x 10min: 5 hang power clean (60kg). Metcon, 5 rnft of: 500m row, 20 push-ups. PM: Recovery walk and stair running.

This day is a special one. Pauliina's friends arrived in the morning and picked up my future wife for her bachelorette's party =) That looked like a lot of fun right out the gate. That left me a lot of time to improve my fitness. So after driving this entourage to downtown Helsinki I went to my gym OP Center and hit a workout. Something awkward happened yesterday during the day and it has been feeling a bit funny in my core, on the left side. I have no words to describe it. Anyway, that led me to taking this day easier. There was also a kettlebell throwdown going on at the gym so I went to check it out. That looked really brutal. In the evening I went outdoors to enjoy the nature.

  • Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
  • 5 hang power clean, 60kg
Yesterday evening was bad. As I tightened my core it hurt a lot on the left side. So I was on the verge of stepping back from training today. But I found myself at the gym and after activating this body it was all good and didn't feel that bad. Still, I didn't risk by loading up the bar to a heavy version. Instead, it was only 60 kilos and I took it as an emom workout to break a good sweat. Cleans brought no issues to my torso and it was actually a good barbell work for technique purposes. I focused on every single lift and tried to make the contact point as high on my thighs as possible. At the end of the cleans I tweaked my neck or something, now core is better but my neck hurts. What a screwup.

  • 5 rounds for time of:
  • 500m row
  • 20 unbroken push-ups
I took 50 push-ups after the cleans, then headed to see the kettlebell action upstairs. I've never witnessed this kind of events and had no idea what to expect. There was one organizer introducing me to this sport and told it's usually about snatches and/or clean and jerks of some kind. Some variance is still in play but the elements are familiar.

The event that I went to look was a 10 minute amrap of push jerks with 2 x 32kg (2 pood) bells. Okay, sounds brutal but let's add a twist. You are not allowed to drop the kb's to the ground at any point. Once you bring 'em down, your game is over. That's just simply mean and brutal =) Lots of mental game going on here. The best result was 70 reps but they told me some guy had jerked 110 reps in the past. That's a lot of jerking if you ask me!

Afterwards I went back down for a workout. I didn't time it but that didn't slow me down anyway, at least not much. I took 500 meter rows, and then 20 unbroken push-ups between rowing. Rowing was somewhere sub 1:50 pace. Push-ups felt great. Those usually are not in my wheelhouse but I felt very good on those this time.

Glimpse from the kb comp


  • 6km walk
  • 10 rds of stairs up and down

The weather was freaking sick. It was sunny and the sky was clear blue. For a Finn that is unbelievable. We don't have that much sun during the year so we tend to enjoy every single day when we have a summery weather =) I watched the Crossfit Regionals at the balcony for an hour or two, ate and recovered, then decided to hit it outdoors. It was mostly a fast pace walk for couple of kilometers. Once I got to almost Töölönlahti, I looked back and noticed the sky in the horizon was looming dark. It was obvious it's gonna rain big time soon. It changes rapidly.

So it took only minutes to get soaking wet but that's no biggie, I had sports wear anyway and I saw there was a stairway in the middle of the woods. That looked tempting and it turned out to a workout of 10 rounds of up and down the stairs. It was a total of 85 stairs up and 85 back down. It took about 9 minutes of constant moving. Strategy was not to stop nor slow down at any point. And the point was to step on every stair so it was small steps running on the ball of the foot. Good way to get blood flowing a bit faster and get some burn in the legs.

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