Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday 16.5: Rope climbs, Outdoor metcon

Saturday. Walk 8km. Skills, 10 rope climbs. Time, 5.41. Metcon, 3rds of: 15 thrusters, 2 uphill sprints, 15 ohs, 2 uphill sprints.

Damned my body is smashed. We were gonna hit the gym but decided to go for a recovery walk instead. Good decision. It's not like I have sore muscles somewhere specific but I feel like a truck has ran over me. So Pauliina didn't have to persuade me too long to skip the gym. Didn't have any good plans for a workout either. We went for a speedy walk for 8km around Töölönlahti and the central park of Helsinki. There was a huge buzz in downtown and around the olympic stadium because today was Helsinki City Run, that is a half marathon. Lots of people and lots of action!


  • 8 kilometer fast walk

This really feels good, we've done this same session for a number of times. The idea is to walk fast so that we're all sweaty when we get back home. Last time my butt was sore for days haha. Almost worse than lunges. After the walk I got inspiration to do a workout outdoors. I wasn't ready to move weights around but bodyweight action sounded good.

Skills. Time, 5.41

  • 10 rope climbs

It's been some time since climbing a rope. I bought this one from Rogue earlier this year and have found couple of places to hang it from. Well, okay this place and another in Klaukkala at the in-laws. Great places for this purpose. It's a bit of a hassle to go to this place and carry the rope around. I'd definitely climb more if I had a place right outside of my place or if they had one at the gym. Freaking awesome element of fitness!

This movement is legit. Very good and holistic move to make the entire body feel tired. It shows that I haven't done that much of this movement. The pace how quickly I move up the rope is like a slow motion video compared to these pros at the Regionals who are doing Tommy V workout. I only did 10 reps and it took me couple of minutes. Those guys finished 45 thrusters and a bunch of ropes in almost the same time. That means to say there's a lot of effectiveness to be gapped out. There are different styles how to grab the rope with legs. I'm still using this slower style because I'm new to the movement and I feel like I need to have the most steady grip there is possible.

Rope climbs


  • 15 thrusters with stones
  • 2 uphill sprints
  • 15 overhead squats with a tree branch
  • 2 uphill sprints

Luckily I saw there was a long tree branch laying around in the ground. Plus there were lots of stones that caught my attention too. It felt appropriate to get a workout done in the nature. I really look up to Blair Morrison and his "Anywherefit" blog where he posts workouts he does, mostly outdoors and very constantly varied functional movements. Very inspirational stuff!

This was a very good metcon. What else would you need than a tree branch, stones, walls, obstacles and alike. If you're creative, the nature will provide you good tools. There's something I get out of these type of workouts.

My legs were burning a lot, mostly due to those sprints up the hill. It was 2 sprints and then some squatting in between the runs. Great wod!

Nature's workout

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