Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday 10.8: Squats, Ohs, T2b

Monday. Back squat 4x9 (118kg). Metcon, 8min amrap of: 8 ohs (40kg), 8 t2b. Result, 112 reps.

Two heavy Smolov weeks are in the books and the third one just kicked off. That naturally means more squats. After squatting my butt off I went for overhead squats and toes-to-bar as a couplet. The gym was crowded. It really looks like everybody wants to hit it on the first day of the week. And maybe it can be seen that the holiday's are pretty much behind us and people are ready to grind.


  • Back squat 4x9 (118kg)

Two weeks have gone by with this squat fiesta. The barbell has obeyed me this far. Every day has been heavy but still I've been able to move it around. When I first did these 4x9's the weight was 103, and last week it was 113kg. So today it was 15kg more than the first time. It's cool to see how it still comes up properly.

There's no chance of doing these reps touch'n'go style. Haven't even tried that. Maybe 2-3 reps but that would eat the energy of my legs so better do them as singles, reset at the top and then squat again. My fingers were tingling at the end of the sets. Maybe the blood isn't flowing as well after a long set because they are tightly around the bar.


Metcon. Result, 112 reps (7 rounds)

  • 8min amrap of:
  • 8 overhead squat, 40kg
  • 8 toes-to-bar

Legs are taking this squat mafia thing well but my elbows have been painful for about two weeks now. It doesn't seem to go away easily. It's a bit of a dull thing as I'd like to do presses and jerks a lot alongside Smolov. At first I was about to skip the entire metcon because of this but then decided to stop bitching, and do the work.

This was in my notes reserved for a rainy day. It worked perfectly for today's agenda. It was a quick and intense work. Went unbroken on both movements. The time was consumed in the transitions. Couldn't jump right into the next station. Okay, I could have but I wanted to go unbroken all the way. In the beginning this was emom style but then pace slowed down a little and ended up reaching a total of 7 rounds. I was happy over this. Had no idea how far I would go but this was good.

Side dish in the evening. #Donskitchen

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