Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday 27.8: Ohs, Rowing Nancy

Thursday. Emom x 10min, odd min 12 kb swing, even min 15 ghd. OHS singles, build up (up to 80kg). Rowing Nancy, time 14.30 (PR).

Today's workout of the day was great. Nancy is one tough lady! I've had a date with her couple of times before and she's mean every time. Prior to that wod I did some overhead squat singles. Didn't quite go the way I planned but it was cool to do those after a long break.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • Odd minutes, 12 kettlebell swing, 24kg
  • Even minutes, 15 ghd sit-ups
After my regular warm-up routines I did a short workout in emom style to activate the entire body. Legs, core and shoulders all got their share and I felt ready after this one. Kettlebell was the heaviest I found from the place, and it was light for sure. Didn't matter, this was only for warm-up purposes. Ghd's felt also light all the way. Still, this was a good way to get pumped up.

  • Overhead squat singles, build up (50, 60, 70, 80, 85kg failed)
There were basically just couple of reps on overhead squats as they were singles and my max lift is at 90kg. That means to say the limit comes pretty quickly. I haven't had heavy stuff over my head in a while and that really felt like it too. I wasn't that confident pressing the barbell up in the sky. However, once I got it there, the descent and ascend from the bottom felt pretty solid up to 80kg.

On the 85kg I somehow didn't find the path down there. Tried it twice in that same lift but it got desperate. Hopefully my elbows stay good now as they are healed so I could do presses and jerks much more. That would create confidence in having the bar overhead.

Rowing Nancy. Time, 14.30 (PR). Compare to 30.10.2014
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 400m row
  • 15 overhead squat, 43kg
Uuh, this is a perfect workout. I've done normal Nancy maybe twice before and rowing Nancy once last year. You have a link couple of rows above to that blog post. This was almost a half a minute PR on the benchmark workout. I was definitely not super confident of hitting a new record but I decided to give it a shot. Plan was to row modestly, and then complete the overhead squats unbroken each round. I've been able to do that before so that game me confidence. On the other hand, I also remember they being very nasty so that was not a confidence booster =)

After the first round my legs were burning so that brought some thoughts in my head that maybe this is not going to that easy after all (like I ever even thought of that). I decided to put those thoughts somewhere else and keep grinding. Rowing was something like sub 1:50 for some time, and towards the end it was about 1:50 on average.

Ohs were unbroken every round and I'm very proud of that. Shoulders were great but my legs were in flames for most of the workout. They got so jammed up in the middle of the workout that I had to beat them with my hands to get some blood flowing and to flush them. Don't know if that made any difference but it was great to go unbroken. This time I also had 43kg on the bar. Okay, that's just a tiny addition to the weight but still, it's nice to get this done in shorter time domain with slightly heavier bar =)