Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday 12.8: Back squat, Pull-ups, Dips

Wednesday. Back squat 5x7 (125kg). Gymnastics, 5rnft: 15 pull-ups, 10 ring dips.

More squats, 5x7 in the program. I had a great training partner with me at the gym - Jasper. He smashed some overhead strength this time. He's written us a great long chipper which we'll hit some day. Today we didn't have enough time. Need to match the schedules in the upcoming days / weeks. After strength I did some skills based gymnastics work.


  • Back squat 5x7 (125kg)

These long sets are painful. Actually my legs took these sets well but for some reason my palms are all white after every set. It's like the blood is not circulating well in to my arms. I showed my hands at the end of one set in the recap video. That means to say my hands are tingling. Why that happens is the width of my hands in the squat. Nowadays I keep them at the same width as in cleans. That creates a better and more stabile platform for the barbell to stay in the back rack position.

There is a possibility my mobility in upper body is not the best so that brings some issues. If it was perfect, blood would flow vividly, and it wouldn't bother my arms at all. Anyway, my point is the longer the sets, the more painful it gets. That's why these 7's are tough.

I'm happy on the way I was able to perform on ever set. There was no doubt of hitting the sets. Except in the morning as I realized this session is all about grinding hard. However, on the warm-up barbell felt light. I went up to 130 kilos for singles before starting the first set. Each set took an eternity, and some grunting was heard but I was determined to complete the sets.



  • 5 rounds not for time of:
  • 15 unbroken pull-ups
  • 10 ring dips

Not an actual metcon this time. Timer was not on so it was "for quality". Only thing I had in mind was to do lots of pull-ups. It turned out to be 15 pull-ups, and I really wanted to do them unbroken. That's why I wrote in my notes already beforehand that they should be completed ub. I took my time to recover between sets properly. Rest periods were quite identical between each set.

On the ring dips I didn't have that clear plan. Just needed to hit some volume. Not huge but a good number still. Ten reps. First round was unbroken. I'm not sure if the second one was too. But third and fourth round were 5-3-2. My upper body was destroyed. Before last round I chatted with a fellow partner for some time which gave me more rest so I knocked the last set unbroken for 10 reps. This was good skills based workout in the end.

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