Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday 31.8: Snatch, Squat, Push-ups

Monday. Snatch 5x3 @ 50kg. Back squat (up to 5x130kg). Metcon, 5rnft of: 14 db snatch (25kg), 20 push-ups.

Got a chance to go to the gym in the evening. I wanna fix my snatch so I'm anticipating more of that work in the future. Today it was technique stuff, and then squats for strength. In the end I broke a good sweat with db snatches and old school push-ups.

  • Snatch 5x3 @ 50kg
At the end of these snatches I was a very happy man. Something happened in my brains and I really feel like these were one of the best snatches I have ever been able to do. The thing was I pulled the bar with patience and was able to bring it up to my hips before popping it up with hip extension and pulling with traps. Felt very good!


  • Back squat 3x100, 4x115, 4x130, 4x130, 4x130, 5x130kg
Huh, somehow the barbell felt very heavy on the 130kg sets. Before that it was like air. Usually I climb up with just small jumps so 15kg is pretty big one for me (115kg -> 130kg). I did those 115kg reps tng style but then 130's were singles, rest on top before knocking another rep. Challenging sets mentally but I overcame those. Told myself this is baby weight considering the loads just couple of weeks ago so that gave me mental strength to push on.

  • 5 rounds not for time of:
  • 14 dumbbell snatch, 25kg, alternating
  • 20 push-ups
I was pretty much done after the squats but wanted to get something in my system anyway. I didn't bother about the timer but I looked from the clock on the wall that I did these pretty much emom style. Odd minutes were snatches and even minutes were push-ups. On the last minute I didn't hold on to that pace anymore. Good workout to finish the session!

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