Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday 1.8: Pull-ups, Row

Saturday. Skills, 100 pull-ups. Cashout, row 3k.

Today is a beautiful day. Our friends are getting married and the weather is as beautiful as the bride. I had the possibility to go to the gym in the morning before getting ready for their big day. I wanted to punish myself on the pull-up bar. Earlier this week I was a bit frustrated with that movement in the "2007" workout so this was my answer to develop this skill-based movement. Some easy rowing in the end.

Easy paced row


  • Different types of pull-ups, not for time
  • 10 strict
  • 12 chest-to-bar
  • 15-15-15-15-18 pull-ups

Didn't quite have a strict plan. My plan was to do lots of pull-ups in different styles. It started with sets of strict and chest-to-bar versions. Then I took regular pull-ups for as long as I got 100 repetitions completed. It was basically 15's for 5 sets. On the last one I realized I needed 18 to get a total of 100 reps done.

These felt good. I'd like to have the pull-up bar higher from the ground so that I would have to jump to reach it. This bar is a bit too low which means I need to bend my legs a lot, and thus not being able to utilize my entire body that much on the kip. Towards the end I tried to keep my legs better together gymnastics style. As I look at those regular pull-ups on video afterwards, it looks like they are quite high pulls. Close to c2b's.

Recap of pull-ups


  • 3.000m row

The purpose of this one was to just flush legs. Definitely not a high intensity workout, mostly low heart rate conditioning stuff. Had the damper setting at 7, and rowed at around 2:00 pace for 500 meters. I didn't even have the monitor visible to me. I turned the monitor pointing to the ceiling, and just enjoyed my time on the concept2. Now I'll get ready for this Saturday's wedding!

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