Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday 3.8: Back squat, Ghd's

Monday. Squat 4x9 (113kg). Accessory, 100 ghd's.

It is surprising how good my legs feel after one week of Smolov squat program. They are not sore at all, not a bit. Okay, I had a thought that legs wouldn't get too painful but they are probably gonna get tired in the course of these upcoming weeks. That's also the reason why there are going to be days when metcons are not accompanying the strength part. I'll try to do some accessory work after squats.

  • Back squat 4x9 (113kg)
Long sets are quite brutal in their own nature. These are all tough but the length of the sets really makes a difference. Short sets (3's and 5's) are heavier for every single rep, and these longer ones (7's and 9's) are brutal as they start to get heavy in the middle of the set. So it's more mental than anything else. Just hold on and do the work.

Today's sets were alright, I'm waiting eagerly (not) to next Monday's 4x9 (118kg). It's gonna be tough. From here on the sets are going to be heavy. Got to do mental prep-work prior to the training session.


  • 4x25 ghd sit-ups
  • 0:30 rest between sets
Elbows are a bit sore still, for about a week now. That means to say pressing is off limits. We didn't have that much time anyway today so it was couple of minutes time slot, and we had to go. Toni talked about ghd's at work earlier today, and suggested I'd do 100 reps. That thought popped in to my mind so I went after it. It was basically 60 seconds of work, and 30 seconds of rest, for 4 rounds. In the first round I did 27 reps, the remaining rounds were 25 reps. Unbroken for first 3 rounds. On the last one my core was smashed, and I had to pause for a second on top for maybe 3 times.

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