Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday 20.11: Run, Pull-ups

Friday. Run 1.4km, then 5rds of 15 pull-ups & 370m run, then run 1.4km.

Plan was to go to the gym after work but life took a sudden change so the workout took place outdoors. There is a pull-up / dip station close to our home so it was a perfect Friday training session. Weather was at 0 degrees, a bit wet but for running it was spectacular. Easy to breath. Pull-up bar was a bit slippery, especially in the beginning.

  • 1.4km run, then
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 15 unbroken pull-ups
  • 370m run, then
  • 1.4km run
No warm-up, just took the run a bit easier. I ran to the pull-up station in the brisk air. Then thought about taking couple of reps on the pull-up bar to see how it feels like. I still have a rip in my right hand so it was heavily taped up. It turned out to be a set of 15 reps.

There's a loop that I measured with gps to be 370m. I ran that loop around and came back to complete another set of 15 pull-ups. Dropping not allowed. Had some issues with my grip in the slippery bar and I noticed my grip was slightly biased to lean more on the left hand as it hurt a bit on the right one.

Run was half way on an incline, and the latter half was a decline. The incline made it a notch more challenging for breathing after just dropping down from the pull-up bar. This was a great workout for this Friday. After getting those 5 rounds done I ran back home. This really was a good one and my both quads cramped at the end of the last run.

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