Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday 24.11: Row and Jerks

Tuesday. Intervals, 3 sets of: 500m row + 10 push jerk @ 60kg.

Had a long ass workshop at work. Not that the topic wasn't good but sitting for 8 hours doesn't make good for human beings. Butt cheeks were numb at times =) There was no other option but to drive right away to the gym for a training session. Time slot was very tight but I found time for about half an hour. I made it count.

  • 3 sets of:
  • 500m row + 10 push jerk @ 60kg
  • Work / Rest 1:1
This was on my notes and I'm happy there was a chance to go after it. Another workout was in store as well, 3rds of 15 wall balls and 15 toes-to-bar. No time for that today. Maybe another day. It's supposed to be a quick one.

Today's agenda was not to save energy on the rower. My time was sub 1.40 on the first round, second one was quite accurately at 1:40 and the last one maybe 1:41-1:42. My legs were lit up on these rowing sprints.

It was nice to walk over to the barbell and start jerking the bar with heavy breathing and fired up legs. The weight was tolerable for this kind of set. As for just a set of 10 reps with a barbell, this would have been too light or too few reps but having the rowing sprint in the beginning made it totally different. I kept a steady pace on the jerks, and went unbroken / touch'n'go with them. Legs were burning big time on these, and breathing was heavy, no surprise there. Goal achieved!

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