Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday 23.11: Clean and jerk, Squat, Snatch, Burpee

Monday. Clean and jerk 1+3 (up to 93kg). Front squat 4x4 (up to 118kg). Metcon, 6min amrap of: 10 db snatch (30kg), 10 burpee. Result, 86 reps.

This was a great session. It was mind blowing to do heavy clean and jerk complex, then front squats to accompany that barbell work. In the end I was in a rush but had time to get in a good intense workout in the form of short amrap.

  • Clean and jerk 1+3
  • Sets at 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 93kg
Pressing and jerking is something I'd like to do on a daily basis if there wasn't anything else to be taken into consideration. But for a long time I've had issues with my elbows. Lately those have been very good, and it's been pain-free zone. Luckily so!

This was almost a dream come true to being able to put heavy object over my head. After warm-up I started working these sets at 60kg. Okay that was light weight, same with the 70kg. It felt surprisingly easy also at 80kg, and I went touch'n'go on that set too.

Next set at 85kg I stopped on the front rack position after each rep. Damned it felt great all the time. Technically they were pretty much the same up to 90kg, at least the first rep. From then on there were some shakiness but not too serious. I'm happy I was able to press the bar directly upwards, instead of pushing it in front. The last rep at 93kg was a save. That one I almost lost in front but was able to stabilize it in couple of seconds of static hold.


  • Front squat 4x4 (110, 113, 115, 118kg)
Front squats work well after cleans. Cleans today were light, those were quite routine type of pulls. But they prepared legs for these squats. I took them four by four, climbing after each set, reaching a total of 118kg. Form stayed there pretty well, and I got to say I'll take these squats with pleasure.

Metcon. Result, 86 reps (4 rounds + 6 snatch)
  • 6min amrap of:
  • 10 dumbbell snatch, 30kg, alternating after each rep
  • 10 burpee
As I wrote, there was not that much time and something quick needed to be done. There were db snatches and double unders in my notes but I'd like to warm-up for those du's, and there simply was no time for that. This was something close to perfection considering the conditioning piece. This kind of shorter metcons are worth evaluating whether there should be more of these.

No plan whatsoever, just go. I tapped the timer on, and started moving. Alternating the snatches after each rep. Damn it was one heavy dumbbell. It started to burn my legs big time. I tried to keep the dumbbell or my body moving constantly. Very good workout, I suggest this one for you guys!

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