Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday 30.11: Press, Ohs, Pull-ups

Monday. Push press 4x10 @ 60kg. Metcon, 20 ohs (40kg), 40 pull-ups, 15 ohs (50kg), 30 pull-ups, 10 ohs (60kg), 20 pull-ups. Time, 12.35.

Week started with overhead strength and a nasty combo of overhead squats and pull-ups. In the evening we went for a stroll with Pauliina in the woods for recovery purposes. The weather is rainy and windy, quite an autumn weather, classic stuff. But it doesn't matter, at least the air is brisk and easy to breath. Perfect for wods.

Time was 12.35


  • Push press 4x10 reps @ 60kg

Goal is to get more shoulder strength. I talked to couple of big time lifters and got cued to add volume for presses. My focus right now is to do bigger sets of push presses, two weeks in the start of 10's, then two weeks of 8's, and two weeks of 6's.

Today's agenda was 4x10, and the load turned out to be 60kg. I went up to 1x80kg prior to the first working set to get used to heavier weights before (5x40, 5x50, 3x60, 3x70, 1x80kg). These felt good, maybe somehow awkward after not doing this long sets before. Shoulders took it well, and I'm looking to add some weight in the upcoming days.


Metcon. Time, 12.35

  • 20 overhead squat, 40kg
  • 40 pull-ups
  • 15 overhead squat, 50kg
  • 30 pull-ups
  • 10 overhead squat, 60kg
  • 20 pull-ups

These two are my least favorites elements to mix together. These are never a good call for me. Plus these overhead squats climbed up to 60 kilos which is more than "normal" ohs weight. Lately I've tried to go at 50kg or even more for metcons / intervals to get used to something heavier than 95lbs / 43kg.

It was a little bummer to see on the video that some of the reps on the ohs are a bit shallow. First reps in each set seem to be so. It felt like I'm going deep down but there is more work to be done on that part. Mobility is one issue on this movement. Plus my armpits are turning down on the bottom position.


Anyway, this was a good metcon to get some volume for pull-ups too. Plan was to break down the reps already in the beginning, with the intension of not to burn my lats and forearms early in the workout. First round was about 10's. Second one was maybe 8-7, and then 5's. The last one was a battle too. The reason for pull-ups being as challenging as they were, was the numbness in my forearms. They were shot, and it was difficult to hold on to the bar. Breathing was rather heavy for sure but forearms were the reason preventing me to go faster. Changing the plates also took me some time between the squats.

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