Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday 8.11: Run, Wall ball, Vest

Sunday. Metcon, 5 rounds of: 450m run, 25 unbroken wall ball shots, 10 air squat. Wear a 9kg vest.

Sunday witnessed another outdoors metcon. I really enjoy working outdoors. There's some extra endorphin that flows in my body or something but it sure feels great to hit it in the fresh air. Today and yesterday it was raining while I was training but it doesn't matter. At all.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 450m run
  • 25 unbroken wall ball shots
  • 10 air squats
  • Wear a 9kg vest
I also had the climbing rope with me but due to the rain it didn't sound tempting to climb a wet rope up and down. And kettlebell had been in the play for two days in a row so it was wall ball's turn to move. I ran a different route for 450m per round and then came back to throw the ball.

Got to say the vest makes running a lot more painful than normal running. It smashes against the chest / heart on every bounce which makes breathing a bit more uncomfortable. That's the reason why I ran most of the time by holding the vest still with my hands. That made it easier to run.

Wall ball in the rain. Not that bad though, it wasn't raining that much. Plan was not to drop the ball at any point. 25 reps per round, go unbroken. I'm happy I followed this plan all the way. It was nothing but mental. First rounds were not difficult but towards the end the last reps started to burn shoulders. This was the first time ever doing wall balls with a vest. Traditionally my shoulders start to burn on this movement but legs hold on well. This time hamstrings started to fatigue as well. After wb's I did couple of air squats just to get the legs more tired.

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