Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday 15.11: Back squat session

Sunday. Back squat, build up to a heavy single (142kg). Then 6x3 @ 90kg of that max (130kg).

This was almost a recovery day. Had some thoughts about just laying on the sofa or go running. Then I woke up back to reality and went squatting. This took about an hour to complete with all the warm-ups included. Purely a strength session this Sunday.


  • Back squat
  • Build up to a heavy single (110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 142kg). Then,
  • 6x3 @ 90% of that single (130kg)
  • Rest 2min between sets

This was a lot of fun. I wanted to go heavy on the singles, and these numbers seemed to be around my max today. Reps felt heavy from about 130kg onwards but they still looked alright on camera. Real battle came at 140 kilos, and the 142kg felt at today's max for today. I'm happy on the form I was able to hold on to on each lift.

Focus points for the squats. Keep the chest up, and elbows down. Pull the bar down so that the elbows would be directly under the bar. As the 130kg sets started to feel heavier, I started to focus on this and the package felt a lot tighter and much more like it is in my control better.

First rep at 130kg sets was easier, second one tighter and some of the third reps were good grinding. My plan was to complete these sets without stopping for too long on top. That always seems to make the reps a lot heavier.

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