Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday 6.11: Clean, Partner wod

Friday. Clean 10x1 @ 100kg. Clean from blocks 6x3 @ 80kg. Pair wod, 2rds of: 40 hspu, 8x20m sled push, 100 kb swing (28kg). Time, 21.20.

Another grind with Jasper. Sets of cleans to start the session. They had acquired blocks to the gym which was a positive surprise! I noticed them yesterday and was tempted to attack them right away. Some singles first, then triples from blocks. Finished the session with another chipper style workout with Jazz.

  • Clean singles 10x1 @ 100kg
  • Clean from blocks 6x3 @ 80kg
Felt kind of stiff on the legs or maybe the burden of the past week felt in my lower body but they were kind of beaten up. Still, I had decided on the 100kg singles so I stuck to that plan. They were pretty smooth all the way. Had one miss somewhere in the middle or maybe in the end but anyway, that was some sort of concentration problem. I cleaned it up effortless right after.

It was cool to throw around this weight. Guess I should be higher on the "percentages" of one rep max to get comfortable going under the barbell. These are not heavy for the front squat part but it's more about the guts of getting under a big load of iron.

I didn't think about the point of the blocks that much this time. I just wanted to try them out and did triples at below knee height at 80 kilos. Felt pretty smooth even though at first this felt very awkward. I would have liked the blocks to be a bit higher so that the starting point would be above knee.

Recap of cleans

Pair wod. Time, 21.20
  • 2 round of:
  • 40 handstand push-up
  • 8x20m sled push, 80kg (+sled)
  • 100 kettlebell swing, 28kg
It took us some time to come up with a good partner workout. Hspu's were self evident. Sled came as a good number two but the third element took as a while. Kettlebells were by far the easiest portion of this one. We did them in sets of 10 reps all the time. Practically no rest there as the kb was moving all the time.

On the hspu's Jasper does them strict so it's obviously a lot tougher on him. We agreed not to set a certain amount of reps per dude so it was more of a freestyle. On this one it turned out I did most of the reps because kipping is lighter on the shoulders. Especially the second round got to my shoulders big time.

Sled sounds like it takes the biggest burden on the legs but after hspu's it's highly taxing on the shoulders too. We've done similar stuff once with Jasper and my bro and it was a killer one that time too. Anyway, we both went 4 times head-to-head on the 20 meter grass matt. Breathing stayed under control but shoulders were done after this one.

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