Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday 14.11: Long emom

Saturday. Emom x 32min: 1st min: 20m sled push, 2nd min: 15 ghd, 3rd min: 30 du, 4th min: 15 box.

Facts in the morning. Hamstrings and glutes are sore as hell. Left palm is torn up from muscle-ups and right hand ring finger was cut to bleed pretty badly. That means to say this body wasn't at its best shape today =) Can't hold on to basically anything and legs were smashed from all the squatting. There was still no doubt of me wanting to hit another training session. It makes mentally good. One good option was to go running but there was no time for that as I went to work today as well. There are sometimes these rare occasions that I'm working on weekends too which makes it a bit more challenging to fit in a training session as I want to spend quality time with my wife too.


  • Every minute on the minute x 32 minutes
  • 1st minute: 20m sled push, 80kg (+sled)
  • 2nd minute: 15 ghd sit-ups
  • 3rd minute: 30 double unders
  • 4th minute: 15 box jumps

This needed to be a quick session. Not much warm-up this time. Movements were planned so that there is no barbell / kettlebell / dumbbell work because holding on to those would not feel with these hands right now. Double unders were the first element I threw in. Needed to practice those. This was more like an easy pace workout.

Breathing stayed in control throughout the workout. Sometimes these 20-30 minute emoms are horrible, and it gets mental big time. The only thing that got under my skin were my shins. They didn't tolerate well the volume of double unders and box jumps. Du's didn't go that well. They've been very good lately so this was a minor setback. Next time I'll hopefully dominate them again. Jumping right away to box jumps started to reflect some shin pain in the latter half of the workout. Ghd's were probably the easiest part of this one.

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