Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday 6.2: Snatch Balance, Squat, Sled, Mu's + Snatch presses, Metcon

Friday. AM: Emom x 10, snatch balance, 3 reps @ 40kg. Emom x 10, back squat, 2 reps @ 120kg. Sled push 6x20m. Gymnastics, bar mu's, 20 reps. PM: Snatch grip push press triples (max 80kg). Conditioning, 5rds of: 7 snatch grip jerks (60kg), 14 t2b.

I had a day off of work and hadn't thought about this training day at all. Then, yesterday evening I realized there's a great opportunity to drive to Liikuntamylly, the most amazing sports center there is in Helsinki. At least in my opinion. Didn't have to think much whether I would go there or not. This place is made for olympic lifts but that was not gonna happen seriously because this wrist is not perfect right now. Doable but not perfect. In the afternoon I went to pick up Pauliina from work so I took another session as she went to the gym anyway.

Snatch work.

  • Every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes
  • 3 snatch balance @ 40kg

This part of the training session was more like a warm-up and technique. Something like I've done with bodyweight elements like c2b pull-ups, pistols, handstand push-ups and box jumps. I wanted to work my snatch and at first it was supposed to be squat snatch triples pulled from ground. In the warm-up snatch balances felt very good and I changed my game plan.

Those started to feel more and more comfortable after every set and I think my peak was on the 7th set's last rep =) That was probably my best one as well as the 8th and 9th set. I realized I need to use the bar as a counterforce to push myself down. That was a eye-opener. The weights stayed light for a good purpose. These were not planned to be a strength element but a technique part for eventually building up a solid full snatch.

Snatch balance recap


  • Every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes
  • 2 back squats @ 120kg

If I can't do cleans or jerks that smoothly, it's gonna be squats all day all night baby! My legs were a bit stiff in the beginning but it helped to do more of those. I took 60, 90, and 110kg warm-up sets before clicking the timer on. Doing rather heavyish squats in emom style with the same weight was a little tougher than I had expected but there was no issues in bringing the weights up. Good adjustment with the weights for a double.

I've been squatting a lot lately. There's probably been one day without squats in the past 2+ weeks. As for squats I mean back squat, front squat, overhead squat, squat snatches, squat cleans, thrusters. But i my opinion that's the way it should be. Gotta keep those legs strong and moving. Posterior chain is the starting point of any movement so it needs to be activated regularly.

Squat emom


  • 6 x 20m sled push
  • 4 sets at extra 25kg load
  • 2 sets at extra 15kg load
This was a real quad killer! The sled was very low in height. The handle was somewhere around 15 cm from ground I guess. Don't know how much that weighed but I put 15kg and 10kg bumper plates on top of it. That load felt very heavy because the center of gravity had to be so low. The position is not that natural for me and I had to grind a lot to keep the sled moving. Intention was to get that thing moving without stopping in between. For the first 4 distances there was 25+15kg plates and then the last 2 sets I took the 10kg plate off. It was totally different and I was practically able to jog with it. It still burned quads =)

Base camp


  • Bar muscle-ups
  • 20 reps in sets of 3-3-3-3-4-4

In the end of the first training session there was a bunch of muscle-ups on a pull-up bar. There's plenty of space here in Liikuntamylly so there's really no excuse not to go for them. There was no time pressure. Basically I did a triple, looked at it on the camera and went after the next set. After having completed 4 sets of triples, I did some math and realized there's 8 more reps to reach 20 reps total. So I took 2x4 in the end.

Muscle-up recap

Somewhere in the middle of the sets I remembered feet should be kept together so that was my focus point in the remaining sets. Those muscle-ups were good and solid. My gloves were a bit slippery though, didn't like that fact. Last set was done bare hands but the friction is annoying. That would definitely rip the calluses off my palms so I need to wear gloves normally.

Bar muscle-up station


  • Snatch grip push press
  • Loads: 40, 50, 60, 70, 72.5, 75, 77.5, 80kg

Late in the afternoon was another session and the original plan was to go light. Maybe only mobility, and some rowing at slow speed. Just activate the body and then stretch out. But I felt great and there were a lot of people at the gym so it kind of boosted the adrenaline. I couldn't just step aside so I went and grabbed the barbell and started moving it around. Push presses behind the neck with snatch grip was somehow natural so I started to put weights on the bar.

These were triples and I built it up to a heavy triple. I've been a bit afraid to drop the bar on my back rack from overhead but little by little it has come more natural through lots of reps. The heaviest I've dropped has probably been 70kg. Heavier than that I have dropped the bar down in front of me. Last sets were going up 2.5kg per set so I got a good bunch of heavy snatch presses in the books and have never gone this heavy in this movement.


Conditioning. Not for time, touch'n'go / unbroken

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 7 snatch grip push jerk, behind the neck (60kg)
  • 14 toes-to-bar

Practically right after completing the last set of 80kg for a triple I took the extra 10kg plates off and tried out how snatch jerks feel like from behind the neck. That's because I want to have that strong for the case of going heavy on overhead squats. You have to get that barbell up somehow before hitting the overhead squats. Snatch press is tough at 80-90kg. So doing them as jerks would help a lot. That's a movement I haven't done them basically at all.

So after changing the plates back to 60kg I took the bar right away on my back from the rack and did 7 touch'n'go jerks. From there I jumped on the pull-up bar and completed double the amount of repetitions compared to jerks. This seemed like a good combo so it continued for a total of 5 rounds. Didn't have a timer running but this was definitely a conditioning workout. Good one! And a perfect training day. Lots of work, focusing on weaknesses, skills, strength, odd objects, conditioning. Perfect!

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