Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday 18.2: Elizabeth

Wednesday. Elizabeth, 21-15-9 of: clean (60kg), ring dips. Time, 5.59.

At first this Wednesday looked like there's no time for a workout. Luckily I was able to squeeze in half an hour of gym time which meant for a quick workout. It was perfect for Elizabeth, one of my favorite benchmark girls. It turned out to be a PR day after all! In the evening we went to eat and movie with my baby, some couple's time.

Elizabeth. Time, 5.59, PR. Compare to 29.12.2013
  • 21-15-9 of:
  • Clean, 60kg
  • Ring dip
This is a benchmark workout that I've encountered couple of times. First one was quite precisely 2 years ago, 27.2.2013. That time I did 'em as squat cleans, and time stopped at 10.28. Best attempt this far has been 6.08 so today's effort was better than ever before. That always brings a smile on my face.

This one's a really good high intense workout. It's always a bit of a mystery how these sets should be divided. It's impossible for me to go unbroken anyway at this stage. I thought I'd make something like 3x7 on the first round but the bar felt lighter than I assumed so it was 10 at first, then 6-5 to finish the round. Second round of cleans were 6-5-4, and the last one 6-3. Towards the end my forearms started to feel the burn even though there was hook grip in the game.

Ring dips were my thing today. Somehow I felt much stronger with those than before in this workout. Ring dips in general have gotten a lot better in the past months. Some time ago I called them a goat but I refuse to do that anymore. Currently I'm doing those in a hollow body position compared to past days when I used to have bent legs behind me. At first this hollow position felt awkward but Toni kept on talking about it so it stuck with me. And better that way. This was they are also as strict as they can be, no kipping included.

The round of 21's was 3x7, second round was 6-5-4, and the last one 4-3-2. This doesn't mean more work is no longer needed. Of course these must be practiced and getting stronger on. I felt worn out after Elizabeth but still there was little gas on the tank. I'm telling you there was big temptation to drop the barbell after clean sets from front rack position but that was not gonna happen at the gym. Had to bring it down nicely as the place was crowded. Good quick session with Elizabeth!

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