Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday 4.2: Squat emom, Deads and Du's

Wednesday. Back squat emom, 2 reps per min. Start @ 60kg, add 5kg per min. Result, 2x140kg. Metcon, 20 deads (100kg), 60 du, 15 deads (120kg), 60 du, 10 deads (140kg), 60 du, 5 deads (160kg), 60 du. Time, 10.24.

"Night shift" at work. My wrist wasn't at its best so I started to bitch out in the morning as it was time to hit the gym. For a second I thought I'd skip training for today. Luckily that wasn't the case as I manned up and hopped on my car. I took a long warm-up to prepare my body properly. It was still mentally difficult to think about hitting heavy triples or fives as regular sets so it turned out to be an emom workout which was perfect for today. Then a deadlift metcon to finish my posterior chain.

  • Every minute on the minute, till failure
  • 2 reps per minute
  • Start at 60kg, add 5kg per minute
  • Result, 2x140kg
I really needed this to be emom. It was easy to just jump in it and do the work. At first I thought I'd do this for a while and see how it feels. In the beginning I took some pause squats just to get the feeling. My legs surely didn't feel like it's gonna be a miraculous squat day. Set by set my t-shirt started getting sweaty and around 100kg I realized it's gonna be serious. I got the sparkle back in my eyes and felt great about it. I'm super happy I didn't stay at home!

At one time I checked how much there actually is at the bar and it was 120-125kg. It was getting heavier by the minute and the recovery started to become a factor naturally. My 1RM is 150kg which I have taken up once in my lifetime. On the other case Pauliina slightly touched my ribs so that has to be counted as an assisted one. That last set of 140kg for a double at this stage of the game was a real battle. As you probably can witness from the video that really had to be fought all the way up. This workout went very well in my opinion.

Squat recap

Metcon. Time, 10.24
  • 20 deadlift, 100kg
  • 60 double unders
  • 15 deadlift, 120kg
  • 60 double unders
  • 10 deadlift, 140kg
  • 60 double unders
  • 5 deadlift, 160kg
  • 60 double unders

I had couple of ideas in my mind but I wasn't satisfied in any of those deep in my thoughts. So this came up on the spot. Do some deadlifts boy, and add some skill based element with it. Somehow it was defined as this and it was a good breather. Great to have those deadlifts back in the game! They have been gone for too long. I really hope I can find a way to match those even though there's most likely be lots of squats too. First session after a long pause was a nightmare, my back hurt like a week or so. But then it's been okay.

Noah Olsen, Isabel @ 185lbs / 85kg

The point of this one was to get ascending ladder of weight on the deadlifts with descending reps. Spice it up with 60 double unders between barbell sets. Somehow doubles were bad, really bad. Not a single set was unbroken. Well, that was not my original goal anyway but I had some misses there and that was not cool.


Deads @ 100kg went 13-7, round of 15's was 6-5-4, next round at 140kg was 6-4 and the last set at 160kg was unbroken. I wouldn't say any of these sets were unnaturally tough. Not piece of cakes but totally manageable. It was cool to move 160kg barbell in a metcon, it's been a while since last time. Didn't wanna gas out in the beginning, that might have turned out to be a wrong tactic. Great wod!

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